Training Compendium

Cottage Industry Technology Center (CITC)
The CITC leads in the implementation of plans and projects aimed to provide production enhanciing technologies and processes, tooling and equipment, product prototyping, and other related business development services (BDS) to community-based enterprises, marginalized groups, cooperatives, associations and other self-help groups with end-view of transforming them into sustainable and competitive MSMEs. It shall also help develop other government and non-government entities as local and non-financial BDS provider.

Industry sectors covered:
  • Footwear and Leather Goods
  • Costume and fine Jewelry
  • Gifts and Housewares
  • Wood and Wood Composite
  • Bamboo
  • Rattan
  • Home furnishings
  • Handicrafts and Other Novelty Items
  • Garments and Tapestry
  • Handloom Weaving
  • Personal Care Products
  • Food
  • Metal and synthetic
  • Other Resource-Based Commodity Sectors

Programs and Services
1. Diagnostics
A specialized service in the form of analyzing existing or planned production systems starting from raw materials to finished products.
2. Competency Building
From the results of the diagnostic services conducted, customized productivity and competency enhancement interventions will then be designed, reviewed, validated and delivered to target beneficiaries through skills training and knowledge development.

Leather Footwear Industry Development Program
Philippine Footwear Academy (PFA)
- 3-Year Footwear Manufacturing Technology Course
- Pattern Making (Basic/Advance)
- Shoe Upper Costing
- Flip-Flops Making
- Introduction to Shoe Making
- Protoyping and Sample Making
- Product Knowledge
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Jewelry Industry Development Program
San Eligious Jewelry Training Center (SEJTC)
- 15-month Fine Jewelry Manufacturing Technology Course
- Basic Jewelry Design
- Stone Setting
- Jewelry Casting
- Jewelry Wireworks
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Gift and Housewares
- Handmade Paper Making (Basic/Advanced)
- Handloom Weaving Technology (Basic/Advanced)
- Food Processing (e.g. ham.baacon, tocino, longanisa, meat loaf, etc.)
- Commercial Baking (e.g. ensaymada, pandesal, pandecoco)
- Specialty Baking (e.g. holiday goodies, pastries, muffins)
- Dimsum (e.g. siopao, siomai, cuapao, etc.)
- Soap Making (e.g. laundry, herbal, detergents)
- Stuffed Toy Making
- Novelty Items Making (e.g. holiday/christmas decor)
- Basketry (Basic/Advanced)
- Shell (capiz, tahong, coco) Lamination
- Dressmaking
- Bag Making
- Personal Care Products (scent and fragrances)
- Coco Products
- Peanut Products
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Furniture and Buiders Woodworks
- Woodworking Machine Operations, Maintenance, and Millwrighting
- Furniture and Builders Woodwork Technology
- Furniture Carpentry
- Wooden Picture Frame Making
- Bamboo Furniture Making (Round Component)
- Laminated Bamboo (Engineered)
- Bamboo Novelty Items Making
- Furniture Furnishing
- Metalworking Machine Shop Operation
- Mixed Media Furniture (bamboo/wood/metal)
- Jig Making Technology
- Welding Technology (electric and gas)
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3. Technical Consultancy
Provision of expert advices on product development production processes, plant layout, equipment, selection, quality control, and raw materials/component sources.

4. Tooling and Equipment
Design and fabrication of simple and lowcost yet productivity enhancing tools and equipment to adapt to micro enterprises unique operations that equally require unique or customized implements.
5. Sample Making Prototyping
Provisionof sample making or product prototyping services by CITC experts to micro enterprises who do not have the capacity to perform this task on their own.

6. Materials Utilization/Manipulation
Maximizes the competitive advantage of community based enterprises in terms of accesibility to sustainable raw materials, research and develoment activities aiming to come up with new indigenous-based materials suitable for construction purposes or for fresh and exciting products application.
7. Common Facility Services for Small-scale Producers
Production facilities are made available for designers, manufacturers and exporters whose current production capacities are limited or are looking for suitable venue for their product prototyping needs.
How to avail of these services:
1.    Diagnostics
Send a letter of request addressed to the CITC Executive Director specifying the title of the desired service/s, proposed date, venue and the number of participants. The request will be subject to evaluation. The requesting party will then be given a feedback/recommendation specifying the Center’s trainer/s availability, cost involved and other necessary information.

2.    Competency Building
•    In-Center Training
CITC issues a training calendar every year which includes the title of the courses, dates of implementation and the corresponding fees for training courses to be conducted within the Center’s premises in Marikina. Copies of this training calendar are distributed to DTI line bureaus and attached agencies as well as to DTI Regional and Provincial Offices. Interested parties may also inquire about these courses and make reservation by visiting, writing or calling the assigned contact person/division.

•    Out-Center Training
Send a letter of request addressed to the CITC Executive Director specifying the title of the desired training course/s. proposed date, venue and the number of participants. The request will be subject to evaluation. The requesting party will then be given a feedback/recommendation specifying the Center’s trainer/s availability, cost involved and other necessary information.

3.    Technical Consultancy Services
•    Write, visit, or call the assigned contact person for the field or sector that covers your business.

•    For walk-in clients, request and fill up a Technical Consultancy Service Request Form. It will then be submitted to the appropriate CITC expert for evaluation. If the client conformed to the action to be taken by the expert and its corresponding fees, consultancy service can now be provided as agreed upon.

•    If the expert is not available at the time of the visit, an appointment may be arranged to discuss details of the service required including the date, venue, and corresponding fees.

4.    Common Facility Services
Send a letter request addressed to the CITC Executive Director stating the nature of the work to be done using CITC facilities and the duration of the project. Other information such as company profile, knowledge and skills level of the company’s workers/operators, among others, must be included or attached on the request. The feasibility of the request will be evaluated by the Center who will then provide the requesting party with feedback/recommendation specifying the Center’s facilities availability, cost involved and other necessary information.

5.    Tooling and Equipment
The client is advised to submit the plan/design or sample and other relevant information on the tools/equipment that the requesting party wishes to be prototyped or fabricated. This can be done either by visiting or writing the contact person for the field or sector that covers your business. The plan/design or sample will be evaluated and then appropriate recommendation shall be given to the requesting party.

6.    Materials Utilization/Manipulation
(Same procedure as Tooling and Equipment)

7.    Sample Making/Prototyping
(Same procedure as Tooling and Equipment)

Cottage Industry Technology Center
20 Russet Street, SSS Village, Marikina City
Tel. Nos.: (+632) 942.3974 / 941.4516 / 942.4907
Fax No.: (+632) 942.0880 / 941.0107
Email: citc_dti@yahoo.com
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Philippine Trade Training Center (PTTC)

The PTTC designs and develops training curricula and corresponding instructional materials and conducts training programs for micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), business support organizations, and the government sector. It provides post-training advisory and counseling services; customized in-company/firm-level training programs and services; a venue for MSMEs and large enterprises to promote their products by marketing, renting out and maintaining exhibition facilities; and events management support.

Programs and Services:
Training Programs

1. Entrepreneurship Development
A.    Business Start-Up Briefings
•     How to Start a Business
•     BEST Game Workshop
•     Understanding Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights
•     Financing Facilities for MSMEs
•     Business Opportunities in Franchising
•     Finding the Right Market for the Right Product
•     Putting Your Business Online
•     Exporting Made e-Z

B.    Quality and Productivity Improvement Briefings
•     Corporate Culture: Filipino Values in the Workplace
•     Food Safety
•     Kaizen Philosophy
•     5S of Good Housekeeping
•     Cleaner Production
•     Waste Minimization

2.    Business Capability Building
A.    Business Management Seminars
•      Strategic Marketing
•      Effective Selling Skills
•      Developing an Effective Purchasing Systems
•      Supply Chain Management
•      Business Plan Preparation
•      Effective Market Research
•      Developing an Effective Financial Plan
•      Market Intelligence: How to Compete Effectively
•      Logistics Management
•      Basic Business Recording and Cash Flow Management
•      How to Participate in Trade Fairs
•      Dynamic Negotiation Skills
•      Effective Customer Service
•      Improving Business Key Accounts Selling
•      Setting Up an Effective Customer Payment System for Your Business
•      Customer Relations Management

B.    Export Management Seminars
•     Expanding Business Through Exports
•     Import Procedures and Documentation
•     Product Costing and Pricing
•     Understanding Customs Valuation
•     Market Opportunities (Selected Countries)

C.    IT and Webpage Development Seminars
•     Basic MS Word
•     Basic/Advanced MS Excel
•     Basic/Advanced MS Powerpoint
•     Build Your Own Website
•     Open Office
•     Basic Webpage Development Using Dreamweaver MX
•     Web Graphics Design and Production Using Adobe Photoshop
•     Webpage Development: Creating Interactive Content and Animation using  
•     Flash
•     Webpage Development: Creating Interactive Content Using Macromedia Fireworks
•     Webpage Development: Advanced Dreamweaver MX
•     Basic Printed Advertisement Design Using Pagemaker

D.    Business Language Seminars
•     Japanese Business Language
•     Let Your English Work at Work
•     Chinese Mandarin Business Language
3.    Quality and Productivity
A.    General Seminars
•     Materials Management and Inventory Control
•     Production and Operations Management
•     Six Sigma
•     Effective Leadership Skills
•     Failure Mode and Effect Analysis
•     Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Techniques
•     An Introduction to Ergonomics
•     Supervisory Effectiveness for Improved Quality and Productivity
•     How to Become an Effective Quality Management Representative
•     Process Optimization through the Design of Experiments
•     Time and Motion Study
•     Total Quality Management
•     Work Improvement Tools
•     Lean Manufacturing
•     Statistical Process Control

B.    International Standards Seminars
•     ISO 9000 Quality Management System
•     ISO 9000 Quality Management System Documentation
•     Internal Quality Audit
•     ISO/IEC 17025 Standard for Laboratory Competence
•     ISO/IEC 17025 Laboratory Internal Audit
•     ISO 1400 Environmental Management System
•     ISO 1400 Documentation

C.    Food Seminars

•     Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP)
•     Food Packaging and Labeling
•     Packaging as a Marketing Tool
•     Awareness on Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP)
•     Documentation of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points
•     HACCP Auditors’ Course
Training and Exhibition Facilities
1.    Information Access Center (IAC)
a.    Comprises a computer lecture room with 36 desktop computers for small or big training programs on IT and webpage development and other computer-related courses;
b.    Comprises a seminar room that can accommodate up to 100 participants;
c.    Comprises an Internet Plaza with 28 desktop computers that provides free use of the Internet and MS Office tools for seminar participants, trade fair exhibitors and visitors, MSME clients and the general public, including students. A minimal fee is charged for printing and scanning services;
d.    The entire IAC facility has two scanners, three 4-in-1 multicopier machines (fax, phone, scanner and printer), one copier machine, two LCD projectors, two audio mixers and microphone units.

2.    WTO Reference Center
a.    Comprises selected CD-ROMs and print publications on the World Trade Organization (WTO) and other WTO-related publications by the International Trade Center (ITC).
b.    Comprises one desktop computer containing WTO electronic publications and databases.

3.    Rental of Seminar Rooms and Exhibition Halls
a.    Basic Amenities for Seminar Rooms and Exhibition Halls
•    General overhead lighting
•    Standby generator sets for general lighting and outlets
b.    Basic Amenities for Halls
•    Public address system
•    Podium, flag and outdoor flagpoles
•    Opening ceremony reception area
•    Use of show window
c.    Specific Amenities for Rooms
•    LCD Projector (with separate rental fee) or OHP and screen
•    Desktop or Notebook computer (with separate rental fee)
•    Audio system with microphone
•    TV monitor and VHS/DVD player

How to avail of these services:
Seminars in Metro Manila are held at the PTTC building. Interested participants may pre-register by calling PTTC, or by sending a fax or e-mail. Walk-in participants are also allowed. Participants must pay the seminar fee before the seminar date, or on the first day of the seminar. Seminar fees are paid in cash or company check (manager’s/cashier’s check). The annual schedule of seminars is published at the PTTC website at www.pttc.gov.ph. 
Regional seminars are generally conducted in co-sponsorship or as requested by the DTI regional or provincial offices, local government units (LGUs) and regional/provincial trade and industry associations or chambers of commerce. Announcements concerning regional seminar schedules and registration of participants are done by the DTI regional and/or provincial offices. 
All training programs and projects, trade fairs and exhibits and other events held at the PTTC must clearly promote the business activities of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) as well as large enterprises, whether these activities are intended for the domestic market or the international market. 
PTTC-organized seminars and trade events are given first priority in the use of the seminar rooms and exhibition halls. As such, seminar rooms and exhibition halls may be rented out to public and private sector organizers only in the absence of any scheduled PTTC as well as DTI activity.
For inquiries on training programs, you may contact the Trade Business Management Division (TBMD) for entrepreneurship briefings and trade business management seminars (Phone: 468.8962 or 831.9988 Email: tbmd@pttc.gov.ph); or the Testing and Inspection Division (TID) for quality and productivity briefings and seminars (Phone: 468.8963 to 64 or 833.0809 Email: tid@pttc.gov.ph).
For inquiries on the rental of seminar rooms and exhibition halls, you may contact the Trade Exhibition Division (TED) (Phone: 468.8968 or 834.1350 Email: ted@pttc.gov.ph).
For inquiries on the Information Access Center and the WTO Reference Center, you may contact the Planning and Programming Division (PPD) (Phone: 833.9913 Email: info@pttc.gov.ph).

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