Business Ideas
Below are downloadable files that are useful in starting a business:

Business Ideas

Mag-Negosyo Tayo!
Mga Gabay sa Pamamalakad ng Negosyong Pagkain
Gabay sa Pagsisimula, Pamamalakad at Pagpapalago ng Negosyong Pagkain
Starting a Business - Banana Chips Processing
Starting a Business - Backyard Tilapia Production
Starting a Business - Beadworks Accessories
Starting a Business - Beauty Salon

Starting a Business - Candle Holder Centerpiece
Starting a Business - Christmas Wreath
Starting a Business - Commercial Hamburger
Starting a Business - Commercial Siomai
Starting a Business - Decorative Balloons
Starting a Business - Dipped and Molded Candles
Starting a Business - Flower Arrangement
Starting a Business - Franchising
Starting a Business - Gift Box
Starting a Business - Herbal Bath Soap (Akapulko and Guava)
Starting a Business - Herbal Bath Soap (Papaya, Radish, Calamansi, Cucumber, Kamias)
Starting a Business - Home Bakeshop: Pandesal
Starting a Business - Honey Bee and Honey Production
Starting a Business - Internet and Computer Services
Starting a Business - Kaong Processing
Starting a Business - Mushroom Culture
Starting a Business - Native Longanisa
Starting a Business - Powdered Detergent Fabric Softener Dishwashing Liquid

Starting a Business - Saba Banana Production
Starting a Business - Salted Dried Fish (Tuyo)
Starting a Business - Salted Dried Split Fish (Daing)
Starting a Business - Skin Care (Herbal Bath Soap)
Starting a Business - Smoked Boneless Bangus
Starting a Business - Smoked Fish (Tinapa)

Starting a Business - Smoked Sausage
Starting a Business - Tocino
Starting a Business - Water Refilling Station
Starting a Business - Vermicomposting
Starting a Business - Vinegar From Banana Peeling

DTI - PCAARRD Business Guides

Asha and Namnama Peanut Confectionery Varieties 
Backyard Production of Vermicompost and Vermimeal
Cage Culture of Sea Urchins
Cassava Production Guide
Cucumber Production Guide
Culture of Freshwater Catfish in Concrete Cylinders and Tanks
Gabay sa Produksiyon ng Sinta Papaya
High Yielding Corn OPVs and Hybrids
Invest in Dairy Cattle Farming
Invest in Slaughter Native Chicken Production
Lettuce Production Guide 
Modified Triangular Method of Seaweed Farming
Mudcrab Culture
Mudfish Breeding and Culture
Okra Production Guide 
Pag-aalaga ng Hipong Puti (Litopenaeus vannamei)
Plant Propagation Techniques - Budding
Plant Propagation Techniques - Grafting
Plant Propagation Techniques - Inarching
Plant Propagation Techniques - Sweet Potato 
Pond Culture of the Giant Freshwater Prawn (Ulang)
Pond Construction and Maintenance for Tilapia Breeding and Growout
Seed Production of Ampalaya
Seed Production of Cucumber
Seed Production of Eggplant
Seed Production of Okra
Seed Production of Patola
Seed Production of Pole Sitao
Seed Production of Squash
Seed Production of Tomato
Smoke-Dried Sea Cucumber (Tinapang Balatan)
Sweet Pepper Production
Sweet Potato Production 
Tilapia Culture
Tilapia Farming for Tilanggit Production
The Culture of Carps
Urban Gardening Using EPP Technology

Alugbati Production Guide
Broccoli and Cauliflower Production Guide
Carrot Production Guide
Coco Sap Products
Disease Free Abaca Plantlets in Caraga Region
Eggplant Production Guide
Fibers from Central Visayas
Ginger Production Guide
Handicrafts and Novelty Items from Coconut
How to Grow Mums
How to Make Fertilizer from Waste
Invest in Goat Farming
Invest in Lakatan Production
Invest in Orchid Production
Invest in Organic Pole Sitao, Squash and Tomato Production
Invest in 'Sinta' Papaya Production
Invest in Three- or Four-way Cross Slaughter Pig Production
Investment Opportunities in Agricultural Inputs
Okra Production Guide
Pili: Bicol's Tree of Hope
Potato Production Guide
Processed Food Products from Jackfruit
Propagation of Giant Bamboo by Branch Cutting
Saluyot Production Guide

Snap Bean Production Guide
Seed Production of Upo
Sweet Pea Production Guide
The 'Darag' Native Chicken
The E-Kawayan Technology

Archived Business Ideas

Business Registration Requirements -- Learning Center
Business Registration Requirements -- Manpower Agency
Business Registration Requirements -- Pawnshop
Business Registration Requirements -- Pharmacy
Business Registration Requirements -- Repair Shop
Business Registration Requirements -- Rice Dealer
Business Registration Requirements -- Skin Care
Business Registration Requirements -- Travel Agency
Starting a Business - Car Wash
Starting a Business - Catering
Starting a Business - Fruit Shake
Starting a Business - Cellphone Repair Shop
Starting a Business - Botika ng Bayan
Starting a Business - Cassava Production
Starting a Business - Corned Beef
Starting a Business - Hog Raising
Starting a Business - Junkshop Business
Starting a Business - Pedicab Operation
Starting a Business - Poultry Raising
Starting a Business - Seaweed Production

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