Net foreign direct investments (FDI) in January-October 2017 amounted to US$7.86 billion, higher by 20.5% than US$6.52 billion posted during the same period last year.  Equity capital investments were infused mainly in electricity, gas, steam and airconditioning supply amounting to US$1,269.9 million, followed by investments in manufacturing (US$852.3 million), real estate activities (US$169.7 million), construction (US$152.1 million), and financial and insurance activities (US$88.2 million).

Equity capital placements during the same period originated primarily from the Netherlands (US$1,464.7 million), USA (US$451.3 million), Singapore (US$381.5 million), Hong Kong (US$62.9 million), and Kuwait (US$60.0 million).

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