The Office of the Secretary (OSEC) provides full support and efficient coordination of information to the DTI Secretary and among the functional groups of the Department. 
Under the OSEC are the following offices/organizations:
Liaison Office for Legislative Affairs (LOLA)
Public Relations Unit (PRU)
Internal Audit Service (IAS) 
Performs internal auditing of DTI systems and processes.
Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL)
Oversees and enforces the overall implementation of IP rights, trademarks, and patents.
Legal Service (LS)
Provides legal support to the various DTI bureaus and agencies.
National Development Company (NDC)
Invests in businesses where the private sector is not willing to venture into.
Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA)
Attracts foreign investors to develop or put up export manufacturing plants or regional warehouses in world-class, environment-friendly economic zones (ecozones). PEZA administers and manages the incentives of approved special ecozones in various parts of the country.
Philippine International Trading Corporation (PITC)
Provides trade and trade-related services to the private sector. The PITC is also engaged in the importation of various commodities and products to stabilize supply and prices in the domestic market.
Philippine Pharma Procurement Incorporated (PPPI)
A subsidiary of the Philippine International Trading Corporation (PITC) and an affiliate of the National Development Company (NDC). It is the only pharmaceutical government owned and controlled corporation (GOCC) tasked to provide low priced quality ensured medicines to the Filipino people and to which the pharmaceutical operation of PITC was transferred to.
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