The IRR implements Section 4-C to 4-F of Presidential Decree (PD) No. 1866 as amended by Republic Act (RA) No. 9516. It was signed by DILG Secretary Senen Sarmiento last 9 June 2016.

Other features of the IRR include streamlined processing of application for the license to manufacture, deal and purchase and all the permits on controlled chemicals. This has reduced the number of documentary requirements and delegated the approving authorities.

DTI-certified micro and small enterprises may buy from dealers who are licensed to sell controlled chemicals within the maximum allowable quantity and without securing the Permit to Purchase. Maximum allowable quantity is the threshold quantity of a substance a user may purchase or consume within a year. This volume is yet to be determined by the PNP.

The IRR also provides the establishment of guidelines on the accreditation of transport providers and company-owned vehicles in lieu of the PNP escort service and fees. It also simplifies the procedures for companies in good standing.

The PNP is also preparing for the automation of processes and the establishment of Regional Civil Security Units to facilitate applications in the regions.□

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