The legislation would strengthen the authority of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to evaluate, prioritize, and take action on chemicals that pose risks to health and the environment, while providing industry with increased assurance in their selection of chemicals. The bill directs EPA to assess chemicals based on their conditions of use and potential for exposure, and where EPA takes action on chemicals that pose an unreasonable risk, the bill would allow EPA to consider costs and the feasibility and safety of alternatives in setting a safety standard.

“TSCA was first passed when Gerald Ford was president, “Rocky” won the Academy Award, and Apple was still operating out of a garage,” Neuffer said. “We applaud Congress for approving this much-needed and long-overdue legislation, and especially appreciate Senators Inhofe, Vitter, and Udall, and Congressmen Shimkus and Pallone for introducing the legislation and moving it forward. We urge President Obama to quickly sign it into law.”□

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