The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), through the Bureau of Philippine Standards (BPS), has issued Department Administrative Order (DAO) No. 22-02, series of 2022 updating the reference standards used in the BPS Mandatory Product Certification Schemes. The DAO which took effect on 12 June 2022, 15 days after its publication in The Philippine Star and Daily Tribune last 28 May 2022, prescribes the use of the latest available Philippine National Standards (PNS) which will be beneficial to both local manufacturers and consumers.

“This Technical Regulation intends to provide a seamless transition of the reference standards used in our product certification process. The continual updating of reference standards used for the BPS certification process and its regulated products guarantees enhanced industry competitiveness and better consumer protection as latest developments in product technologies, materials, and/or test methods are incorporated in the measures to ensure relevance and suitability,” said BPS Director Neil P. Catajay.

DAO 22-01:2022 prescribes the adoption of the latest versions of the reference standards used or entirely new standards to be used in the BPS Mandatory Product Certification Schemes such as but not limited to PNS ISO 9001, all accreditation standards, and all relevant and specific standards of the products covered under the BPS mandatory certification.

The technical regulation requires all manufactured and imported regulated products to conform to the requirements of the newly implemented reference standards. To provide ample time to all stakeholders especially the manufacturers and importers to adjust and conform to the new requirements, the latest version or new reference standards shall be implemented 24 months after their promulgation. Likewise, for products under the BPS Mandatory Product Certification Schemes with an existing latest PNS version promulgated prior to the effectivity of this DAO, the same shall be implemented as the new reference standard under the same timeline.

Nonetheless, to facilitate the transition and guide all stakeholders, the BPS shall issue a DAO or Memorandum Circular informing all stakeholders of the adoption of the latest version or new reference standard that will include any changes, including but not limited to, marking requirements, product sampling, and product testing.

As to Philippine Standard (PS) Licensing, a new PS applicant or an existing PS license holder may voluntarily apply using the latest version or new reference standard earlier than the 24 months mandatory implementation subject to the existing certification procedures.

Meanwhile, the BPS shall assess its recognized testing laboratories based on the newest/latest/updated reference standards within 24 months after their promulgation in preparation for the implementation of the new technical regulations. In the absence of a BPS-recognized testing laboratory in the country, the PS License or Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) applicants shall nominate a third-party testing laboratory at the country of origin or other locations accredited by an accreditation body signatory to the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) or Asia Pacific Accreditation Cooperation (APAC) Mutual Recognition Arrangements (MRA).

Consistent with good regulatory practice, the BPS conducted a series of consultations with BPS-recognized testing laboratories for electrical, construction, chemical, and consumer products last May to June 2021 as well as a public consultation for all stakeholders last 06 October 2021 prior to the issuance of this DAO. In addition, the draft was circulated to the WTO-TBT system last 18 October 2021 to give the members the opportunity to send their comments.

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Date of Release: 4 August 2022