From L to R: DTI-BTIPR Dir. Janet Cuenca; DTI-PAB Dir. James Empeño; MBC Mr. Coco Alcuaz; Republic Cement Mr. Rainer Dizon; Former Secretaries Mr. Gregory Domingo, Mr. Ramon Lopez, and Mr. Adrian Cristobal, Jr.; SPIK Mr. Roberto Batungbacal; UNIDO Dr. Fernando Cantu; and ADMU Dr. Ronald Mendoza

MAKATI CITY— On 04 December 2023, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) hosted the first-ever Mindfacturing and Creativity Summit at the Makati Diamond Residences, highlighting the transformative power of innovation and creativity. Under the theme “Unlocking the Potential and Expanding the Frontiers of Philippine Industries,” the summit presented strategic initiatives to position the Philippine industries in the global value chain through an innovation-driven economic landscape.  

During the summit, Secretary Fred Pascual encouraged the government, academia, and the private sector to build on the previous summits and embark on an era of innovation that will revolutionize the country’s industrial sector.  

“The prior Summits set the stage for competitive, innovative industries in the Philippines, forging stronger ties with regional and global production networks. Today, we stand at a crossroads where the ingenuity of the human mind meets advanced manufacturing, birthing unparalleled solutions and transcending traditional industrial methods,” the DTI chief underscored. 

Further, the Trade and Industry Secretary outlined DTI’s strategic initiatives aligned with mindfacturing and the Philippines’ thrust on a forward-thinking economy. He also presented science, technology, and innovation-driven (STI) initiatives and the Malikhaing Pinoy Program emphasizing that these initiatives are aimed to transform Filipino creativity into high-value products and services that will significantly strengthen the economy.  

Secretary Pascual also lauded the strides made in the manufacturing industry, citing a notable 18.7 percent contribution to the country’s PHP 3.7 trillion Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2022, as  reported by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA). Significantly, the sector’s growth surged to 4.9%, surpassing pre-pandemic levels. 

The Summit served as a launchpad for initiatives leveraging the mindfacturing’s transformative power across industries. It is centered on industrial policies, transitioning to Industry 4.0, workforce development, and the convergence between creativity and innovation. 

Further, Undersecretary Rafaelita Aldaba presented the Summit as a transformative leap, emphasizing a shift towards a culture of collaboration, inclusivity, and sustainable growth through mindfacturing. She also added that she envisions a future where these benefits extend across society, empowering businesses and the workforce to contribute to national development. 

Likewise, Board of Investments (BOI) Governor Katrina Therese Lim-Dy encouraged the integration of mindfacturing and creativity principles to advance future-ready Philippine industries. Governor Lim-Dy also emphasized the need for collaboration and innovation to position the Philippines as a hub of globally competitive, innovative, and sustainable industries. 

From L to R: Undersecretary Rafaelita Aldaba, Secretary Alfredo Pascual, ALI Ms. Mariana Beatriz Zobel de Ayala, and Alagang AyalaLand Ms. Ma. Paz Aguinaldo

During the summit, the DTI Secretary also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Ayala Malls to foster creativity within retail spaces and showcase the strength of local creative industries. He also signed an MOU with SeeMeCV to upskill and reskill the Filipino workforce and prepare them for the digitally-driven shifts in the global market. 

Highlighting the pivotal role of collective effort in crafting a future-ready Philippines, Secretary Pascual underscored, “As we embark on this transformative journey of the human mind and technology, let us unite in our commitment to innovation, creativity, and the boundless potential that lies ahead.” ♦

Date of release: 15 December 2023