Basketry Training
Members of ACBRAI busy on weaving their own Dapil

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) – Nueva Vizcaya facilitated on the skills training on basket making for Alfonso Castañeda Bugkalot Rattan Association Incorporation (ACBRAI) members on May 6 – 8, 2017 held at Barangay Lipuga, Alfonso Castañeda, Nueva Vizcaya.

The three (3) day training was initiated by Mr. Daniel P. Pasigian, President of Alfonso Castañeda Bugkalot Rattan Association Incorporation (ACBRAI), in partnership with Mr. Policarpio Javier, the trainor and speaker during the training, and with the cooperation of Ms. Maryann C. Novida, Negosyo Center Coordinator of Alfonso Castañeda.

Behind the mountainous forests of Barangay Lipuga are golden vines called Rattan or Yantok which is extensively used for making furniture like sofa bed, sala set, baskets and other decorative accessories.

The training was attended by members of the ACBRAI including seven (7) senior citizens. The training aims to provide expertise to the members of the association and help them produce their own hand-made products and use it as their livelihood and develop economic growth.

Most of the participants easily adopted and understood the lessons due to their experiences in making mat and Lukbot (back pack). During the first day, the participants were taught how to weave a round Dapil. The next day, they started to make the top cover and handle.

After finishing the round Dapil they started making open dapil or commonly known as “Bayong” or Market Basket (small size) and ended at around 9:00 in the evening.

On the last day of training, it was transferred at the old barangay hall due to Session of Barangay Officials and started at 9:00 in the morning. Mr. Policarpio started teaching them on how to weave the same sizes and ended the training at 9:00 in the evening.

“I started making baskets when I was fifteen (15) years old. I developed my skills and worked at Pampanga Basket Factory”, Mr Policarpio stated. “Since I had a hard time teaching all of you, I will be calling some of my companions next time” he added.

The participants were thankful because they learned a lot from the skills training. On the other hand, Hon. Antonio K. Pasigian requested for additional one (1) week training to perfect and learn new designs and to facilitate also nearby barangays like Barangay Cawayan and Barangay Pelaway. He closed the training by thanking Mr. Polocarpio Javier, guests and the DTI-Negosyo Center Coordinator Ms. Maryann C. Novida