DTI Region VI personnel conduct inspections of local fireworks retailers a few days before the New Year festivities

WESTERN VISAYAS- The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Region VI urges the public to exercise caution in purchasing fireworks for the upcoming holidays.

In a recent inspection covering 79 stores across Western Visayas, 21 certified brands were monitored including Diamond, GLK, Nation, LF Fireworks, and Yamoco. The manufacturers with Philippine Standard Mark licenses in Western Visayas, including Diamond Fireworks Inc., Legendary Fireworks Inc., GLK Fireworks, Yangco Fireworks Manufacturing, Pyro Creations Fireworks, and 4Sure Fireworks, offer a diverse range of fireworks in the market.

The comprehensive inspection and monitoring operations aim to ensure that all safety protocols for fireworks are followed.

DTI Region VI Officer-in-Charge Regional Director Rachel Nufable emphasized the importance of purchasing fireworks that bear the required PS mark from local manufacturers. She encouraged the public to consult DTI’s official website for a list of quality fireworks to guarantee safety during the festive season.

The monitoring of fireworks focuses on compliance with the DTI Department Administrative Order  No. 22-08 Series of 2022 or the New Technical Regulations Concerning the Mandatory Certification of Fireworks with General Categories 1, 2, and 3.

For those purchasing fireworks, the DTI urges consumers to prioritize safety by choosing products from trusted manufacturers, checking labels, and following safety guidelines. Precautionary measures include reading instructions, avoiding unexploded fireworks, securing homes during celebrations, maintaining a safe distance, and refraining from pranks. Consumers are also advised to use a long pole for lighting fireworks and to keep a first aid kit nearby in case of burns.

Date of Release: 29 December 2023