DTI Guimaras Provincial Office regularly monitors the prices of eggs and chicken in retail stores and at the Jordan Food Terminal Market in Jordan, Guimaras. The price monitoring showed that prices of eggs per piece ranges, as follows:

Small – P 5.00 – P 5.75
Medium – P 6.00 – P 6.25
Large – P 6.25 – P 7.00
Extra Large – P 7.00 – P 7.80

Several poultry owners here supply the eggs in the island-province.

Based from the monitored stores, the dressed chicken comes from Iloilo City. Dressed chickens are sold at P160.00 per kilogram. Monitoring revealed that the supply of eggs and chicken in the province is sufficient.

This monitoring was a result of the outbreak of bird flu in the Province of Pampanga and in order to protect consumers from unscrupulous business. It should be noted that eggs and chicken are food items under the jurisdiction of the Department of Agriculture as prescribed under Republic Act 7581 or the Price Act. (Melecia U. Pait/ DTI Guimaras)