A farmer of The Good Life Nature Farms shows a healthy produce. Edith decided to continue her business despite the pandemic to support the farmers that relied on her business. (Photo from Facebook.com/thegoodlifenaturefarms)

Living the good life

Edith Christmae Tan flashed a smile while talking about her experience as an entrepreneur and a mother. Behind her, the faint cry of her baby was heard. Edith has just given birth to her second child three days before her guesting in DTI-Northern Mindanao’s teleradio program. She could have turned down the interview, but she continue reading : Living the good life

Persistence: Key To Fish Pond Owners’ Answered Battle Cry

Rural life can sometimes be droning especially to farmers who have been engaged in the same farming practices over the years. Innovation might have been introduced but close to nothing has succeeded because of backwardness, disinterest, capital and poor access to development programs. Despite treacherous tests, Linabo Agrarian Reform Cooperative (LARC) defies reasons for downfall. continue reading : Persistence: Key To Fish Pond Owners’ Answered Battle Cry