DTI org chart showing the Office of the Secretary and the five functional groups

The DTI has six major functional groups composed of bureaus that provide support to DTI's line agencies and are involved in line operations, which deliver business and consumer services directly to the stakeholders and the public. These functional groups are:
Office of the Secretary (OSEC) - Provides full support and efficient coordination of information to the DTI Secretary and among the functional groups of the Department.

Industry Promotion Group (IPG) - Promotes domestic and international trade and commerce.

 Industry Development Group (IDG)- In-charge of investment promotion in activities critical to the DTI's trade and industry development program.

Consumer Protection Group (CPG) - In-charge of the enforcement of laws to protect consumers, consumer education, and formation of consumer groups.

 Regional Operations Group (ROG) - Responsible for the field operations of the DTI in the regions and provinces.

Management Services Group (MSG) - Delivers effective, adequate, and timely services to clients in the shortest possible time and at the least cost. It also provides industry policies and coordinates and monitors the implementation of the operating plans and programs of the agenda provides an overall information and communication support.
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