Products which affect life, safety and health of people and the environment are listed for mandatory certification.

The list included household appliances, lamps and related products, wiring devices, wires and cables, mechanical/building and construction materials, chemicals, and other consumer products.

Under the Bureau of Product Standards? (BPS) Product Certification Scheme, the Philippine Standard (PS) license and the Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) certificate must be acquired by the manufacturers and importers/distributors of such products, respectively, before sale in the market.

DTI Department Administrative Order (DAO) No. 04, Series of 2008, states that the PS Quality or Safety Certification Mark must be affixed on the product covered by the license. These marks are the assurance given to the consumers that the products passed quality standards and are safe to use.

Any retailer or wholesaler found selling uncertified products will be seized of such products and will pay a penalty that can range up to a maximum of P300,000, without prejudice to the filing of criminal or civil actions under applicable laws.

To ensure that only inspected and approved products are found in the market, monitoring activities are performed by the DTI Regional and Provincial Offices.

Below is the list of products under mandatory certification:

Household appliances: Electric fans; flat irons; kitchen machines (blenders, juicers, egg beaters, etc.) microwave ovens, refrigerators, rice cookers, airpots and coffeemaker; audio-video products; toasters, grills, roasters and similar appliances; washing machines; air conditioners; and refrigerators;

Lamps and related products: Ballasts (pre-heat/magnetic; electronic); CFL/self ballasted lamps; Christmas lights/ lighting chains; fluorescent lamps (double-capped, single-capped); fuseholders; incandescent lamps; incandescent lamps (bulbs); lamp holder (Edison screw); Lamp starters;

Wiring devices, wires and cables: Circuit breakers (molded case); fuses; plugs, socket-outlets and extension cords; PVC Electrical tapes; switches (snap, knife); flexible cords; and wires and cables;

Mechanical/building and construction materials: BI/GI steel pipes; cement (Portland, Pozzolan); deformed ?steel bars; and equal-leg steel angle bars; pipes for water supply (PB, PE, uPVC); uPVC rigid electrical conduits; PVC-U pipes for drain waste & vent; rerolled steel bars; sanitary ?wares urinals, bidet, water closets, and lavatories; steel wires; and wire finishing nails;

Chemicals and other consumer products: Brake fluid; fire extinguishers; fireworks; helmets; inner ?tubes for tires; lead-acid batteries; lighters; LPG cylinders for household use; LPG cylinders for motor ?vehicles; LPG/CNG retrofit systems; matches; medical grade oxygen; monobloc chair/stools; safety belts; seat belts; safety glass for automotive; and tires for automotive vehicles.

BPS had delisted ceramic tiles, plywood, flat glass, common nails, and GI sheets from mandatory certification under DAO No. 15-01, Series of 2015. ?

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