By Kristina Noelle S. Andaya / Trade-Industry Development Specialist / DTI-EMB

Published also in Business Mirror

October 17, 2017

In Photo: Cagayan de Oro-based EdTech Startup Wela School Systems will represent the Philippines in Start Jerusalem next month, after besting four other local start-ups in a pitching competition held at the QBO Innovation Hub, Department of Trade and Industry International Building, Makati City, on October 9. Present during the pitching competition were (from left): Israel Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines President Itamar Gero, Wela School Systems Cofounder John Vincent Fiel and Chery Murillon of the Wela School Systems. A START-UP from Cagayan de Oro will represent the Philippines in an all-expense paid trip in Start Jerusalem (Start JLM) from November 5 to 11, after besting four other local start-ups during the Pitch Jerusalem, a competition for innovative technology-based start-ups, held at the QBO Innovation Hub in the Department of Trade and Industry International Building, Makati City, on October 9.

Headed by Cofounder John Vincent Fiel, Wela School Systems is an EdTech Startup that aims to lessen the faculty’s burden when making their academic reports. The start-up offers a cloud-based grading platform that would enhance the productivity of teachers by automating reports and reducing the use of unnecessary spreadsheets. Also, they created a system that provides a better workflow for educators.

In Wela’s way, Fiel said that instead of making multiple Excel sheets, users can reduce their report to two sheets and upload it to their system. Wela will do all the reports that teachers need, including the report card of the students, list of honors and certificates, among others. Using the system could help educators finish their report requirements in two days, from the average of two weeks before. Basically, the main goal is to automate teachers’ end-to-end process.

The start-up is currently serving eight private schools in Cagayan de Oro, Mindanao, and is currently scaling in Luzon and the Visayas. Aside from assisting the teachers, Wela School Systems also has a mobile application for parents to help track their children’s attendance, homework, grades and receive announcements from the school, among others.

Together with representatives of other winning start-ups worldwide, Wela will be part of the “boostcamp” with workshops and sessions designed to take their product or solution to the next level.

Among the 30 start-ups who submitted their applications in the Pitch Jerusalem, five were invited to present their pitch. Aside from Wela School Systems, the four other start-ups who presented were Enguest, JazzyPay, MachiBox and Teratomo.

The panel of judges was composed of Israel Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (ICCP) President Itamar Gero, ICCP Vice President for External Affairs David Elefant, ICCP Director Sagiv Massad and Department of Science and Technology (DOST)-International Cooperation Assistant Secretary Dr. Leah Buendia. Embassy of Israel Deputy Consul General Yulia Rachinsky-Spivakov also attended the event.

The pitch competition was presented by the ICCP and the Embassy of Israel in the Philippines, in cooperation with the Department of Trade and Industry-Export Marketing Bureau, the DOST and QBO Innovation Hub and ICCP Platinum Sponsor, Dayanan Business Consultancy and Event Sponsors TrueLogic Online Solutions and Payoneer.

Start JLM 2017 will gather startup founders around the world to explore and experience Jerusalem’s booming start-up ecosystem. The city has been recognized to be one of the emerging technology and innovation hubs around the world.

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