The DTI will continue to shepherd the work on e-commerce, as provided for by the law, in coordination with concerned government agencies and relevant stakeholders – private sector, industry, academe, among others.

To further strengthen DTI’s role and to contribute to the success of this roadmap, there is a call from the stakeholders to revive the E-Commerce Promotion Council composed of government and private sector representatives. The DTI shall provide technical support to the council.

There is a need, as well, to institutionalize a dedicated office within DTI that will work on e-commerce on a full-time basis – from policy review, promotion, advocacy to program development. This office will lead the implementation of the roadmap in coordination with other government agencies and the private sector.

With the fast-paced and continuing growth of e-commerce locally and globally, it is imperative for the Philippines to generate official e-commerce indicators that will measure the adoption and impact of e-commerce across different sectors. In so doing, the government will gain better understanding of the needs of stakeholders, the citizenry and the public, and formulate appropriate policies, plans, programs, projects and activities to nurture e-commerce development in the country.

It bears stressing that just like any undertaking, the success of this roadmap is hinged on the commitment of all concerned stakeholders to work together and see this roadmap through. Other factors – dependencies – that contribute to success include specific technologies, third-party vendors, development partners, or other business relationships.

The Philippine E-Commerce Roadmap 2016-2020 is Prepared by the Department of Trade and Industry - E-Commerce Office.

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