The Department of Trade and Industry-Fair Trade Enforcement Bureau (DTI-FTEB) ensured that businesses comply with trade and industry laws, following its ramped-up surveillance, monitoring, and enforcement activities on uncertified products in 2023.

The Bureau monitored 3,718 firms in compliance with the Price Act. Likewise, the DTI enforcement unit conducted onsite monitoring and enforcement of the Law on Products Standards in 11,757 physical retail firms. Additionally, the FTEB’s dedicated Online Monitoring Units (OMUs) monitored 104,084 online firms.   

These efforts resulted in the issuance of 1,012 Show Cause Orders (SCOs) and 741 Notices of Violation (NOVs), and the seizure of 138,523 non-compliant products valued at PHP 43.6 million. Furthermore, 977 administrative charges were filed, and PHP 10.46 million total fines and penalties were collected.

In line with the government, the FTEB has prioritized intensified enforcement of the Vape Law. Of 56,926 online and physical vape shops monitored, 55,260 (97%) were non-compliant. This led to the confiscation of 18,017 uncertified vape products worth PHP 5.45 million by December 2023.

“The DTI remains committed to strengthening its onsite and online monitoring and enforcement initiatives, particularly on vape, to ensure compliance with government rules and regulations and uphold consumer protection,” said Secretary Fred Pascual.

“These heightened measures allow us to have a more effective oversight of business operations to ensure that all business activities comply with our trade and industry laws,” he added.

The DTI-FTEB’s intensified efforts were pursuant to the Consumer Act of the Philippines (RA No. 7394), the Price Act (RA No. 7581 as amended by RA No. 10623), and the Law on Products Standards (RA No. 4109).

For other consumer concerns, the DTI encourages consumers to call the Consumer Care Hotline at 1-DTI (1-384) or email ♦

Date of release: 19 March 2024