Manila, Philippines—Taking a significant step towards a more innovative future, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) with support from the Asian Development Bank (ADB will launch the National Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strategy Roadmap 2.0 (NAISR 2.0) and the Center for AI Research (CAIR) on 03 July 2024.

Building upon the foundation laid by the first AI roadmap in 2021, the NAISR 2.0 incorporates recent technological advancements, including Generative AI. This recalibrates the strategic actions, considering recent developments, and addresses emerging themes such as ethics and governance.

In line with the country’s science, technology, and innovation-driven Industrial Strategy, the new roadmap pursues the strategic mission to harness AI’s transformative potential in boosting the Philippine economy and improving the quality of life for its citizens.

Anchored on a solid vision to be a Center of Excellence in AI R&D, CAIR will play a pivotal role in leveraging AI’s transformative potential to address societal and industrial challenges, stimulate economic growth, and promote inclusive development. CAIR’s mission is to transform the Philippines into a premier destination for AI-driven innovation and investments.

By creating AI solutions for regional concerns notably sustainable agriculture, urban planning, and disaster resilience, CAIR hopes to establish the Philippines as a leader in multiple AI application areas. Through technological innovation, multidisciplinary and cross-disciplinary research, and the development of full-time research scientists, engineers, and R&D personnel, CAIR aims to promote socio-economic R&D, improve scientific knowledge, and strengthen the competitiveness of science and technology in the country while balancing and ensuring responsible AI adoption to improve public services and the lives of Filipinos.

This groundbreaking launch marks the establishment of the first AI hub in the Philippines, housing pioneering AI experts who will be spearheading the Center’s goals. The event will unveil the pioneering CAIR team and mark the Center’s official commencement of operations.

During the launch, an exchange of ideas is expected through a panel session on “Balancing AI Innovation and Responsible AI Adoption,” where leaders in AI from various sectors will discuss trends, considerations, and opportunities of AI. The country’s top public and private sector leaders and champions are also set to deliver messages of support, demonstrating a whole-of-nation approach in AI development.

“We at the DTI commit to working towards a future where innovation thrives, businesses flourish, and the lives of Filipinos are transformed. These initiatives are indeed a testament to the efforts of the Marcos administration to support the growth of the AI industry and unlock the immense potential of the Philippines to become a national hub for AI development,” said DTI Secretary Fred Pascual.

NAISR 2.0 and CAIR present an opportunity for the government, academia, and industry to continue collaborating and guarantee that Filipinos will reap the most benefits from these AI advancements.

These initiatives are in line with the Department’s implementation of the Tatak Pinoy (Proudly Filipino) Act or Republic Act No. 11981, which fosters innovation to promote greater industrial sophistication, economic diversification, and industrial transformation. ♦

Date of release: 02 July 2024