Valenzuela City, Philippines—The Department of Trade and Industry’s (DTI) Task Force Kalasag, in a joint operation with the office of ACT-CIS Partylist Representative Erwin T. Tulfo and Valenzuela City’s Business Permit and Licensing Office, apprehended a large volume of uncertified household appliances valued around PHP 7.8 million.

The operation on June 26 yielded 9,874 non-compliant appliances including induction cooker (2,989 units at PHP 2,126,413.89), electric kettle (2,432 units at PHP 970,368), electric fan (1,885 units at PHP 2,852,015), electric rice cooker (1,546 units at PHP 971,026), food processor (421 units at PHP 242146.57), electric blender (362 units at PHP 138,714.78), and washing machine (239 units at PHP 453,861).

These seized products lacked the required Philippine Standard (PS) Marks and Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) Stickers, violating Republic Act (RA) No. 4109 or the Products Standards Law and Department Administrative Order No. 02, Series of 2007, in relation to RA No. 7394 or the Consumer Act of the Philippines.

Since its launch in April 2024, Task Force Kalasag has confiscated a total of 12,401 non-compliant household appliances worth PHP 8.76 million.

The Task Force was created by Department Order No. 24-56 to ensure that the rights of consumers and legitimate businesses are protected; that standards of safety and quality of essential consumer products are upheld; and that basic necessities and prime commodities are made available to consumers at reasonable prices especially during times of calamities, disasters, and emergencies.

“The DTI is unwavering in its mission to relentlessly pursue and eliminate all uncertified products from the market, including household appliances that have not undergone the mandatory DTI certification process,” said DTI Secretary Fred Pascual.

“These uncertified appliances pose a grave risk to consumers, as their untested components and faulty wiring can lead to electric shocks, fires, injuries, and even fatalities. We will not rest until every uncertified product is removed, ensuring the safety and well-being of every Filipino consumer,” the trade chief added.

In light of these dangers, DTI Fair Trade Group Assistant Secretary Agaton Teodoro Uvero emphasized the importance of consumer vigilance.

“The DTI urges consumers to take an active role in safeguarding their homes and families by diligently verifying product certifications when purchasing household appliances,” Asec. Agaton said.

“Certified markings indicate that the products conform to the Philippine National Standards (PNS), ensuring certified quality and safety. Consumers can also verify a product’s certification through the ICC Verification System mobile app,” he added.

The DTI issued a Preliminary Preventive Order to the erring establishment in Valenzuela City, warning it against any unauthorized removal, tampering, and transfer of the sealed products without a written order from a duly authorized officer from FTEB.

The FTEB has issued a notice of violation, requiring a written explanation within 48 hours from receipt. Failure to comply will lead to a formal charge with a corresponding penalty.

The DTI, through its Bureau of Philippine Standards (BPS), safeguards consumers by enforcing mandatory product certification schemes. These regulations ensure that electrical and electronic products, mechanical or building and construction materials, and chemical and other consumer products meet stringent safety and quality standards before reaching the market.

The DTI encourages consumers to report any retailers, distributors, or manufacturers selling uncertified items through the Consumer Care Hotline at DTI (1-384) or by emailing ♦

Date of release: 05 July 2024