In order to enable and inspire students to pursue the path of entrepreneurship, three Negosyo Centers in Region 12 conducted Entrepreneurial Mindsetting Seminars for students, in coordination with the academe. 

 Negosyo Center-Kabacan

Photo caption: Negosyo Center Business Counsellor Mark Nikko L. Manginsay presenting to the students of USM-DMS.

In coordination with the University of Southern Mindanao - Development Management Society (USM - DMS) headed by DMS President Ms. Bernadeth Ribando and DM Department Chair Prof. Maria Evelia Lim, the Negosyo Center-Kabacan conducted a seminar on Entrepreneurial Mindsetting and Financial Literacy on February 9, 2018 at USM Hostel, Kabacan, Cotabato. About 150 students attended the seminar.

Spearheaded by USM, this initiative aims to train and develop students to become young entrepreneurs.

Topics discussed included the following: (1) Negosyo Center’s programs and services, (2) DTI Business Name Registration, (3) Entrepreneurial Mindsetting and Values Formation, and (4) Financial Literacy.

NC-Kabacan Business Counsellor (BC) Mark Nikko L. Manginsay presented the NC programs, functions, and services, which include business name registration. 

Moreover, BC Adrian Clave Lariba showed the differences in terms of mindset and values between an employee and an entrepreneur. He also presented the risks and rewards of going into business. Afterwards, he presented financial literacy among the participants. 

After the lectures, Professor Lian Bagonoc, the DMS Society Adviser, thanked the Negosyo Center for conducting the said seminar. Through this seminar, she said that more students will opt to start their own business rather than become employees after they graduate.

Negosyo Center-Cotabato City

Around 404 students of Cotabato City National High school (CCNHS) - Main Campus attended the Entrepreneurial Road Map for Students conducted by the DTI’s Negosyo Center-Cotabato City in coordination with CCNHS.  

Business Counsellor  Asnaira K. Buisan presented the importance and advantages of engaging into business, characteristics of a successful entrepreneur. She also discussed about the importance of cultivating the right entrepreneurial mindset.

Negosyo Center-Antipas 

More than 164 Senior High school students of Antipas National High school attended the Entrepreneurial Mindsetting Seminar conducted by the DTI’s Negosyo Center-Antipas last February 13, 2018. Topics discussed were the following: Negosyo Center functions and service, Entrepreneurial Mindsetting, and Basic Pricing and Costing. 

Negosyo Center (NC) Antipas Business Counsellor (BC)  Hanie Lou P. Llupar presented the Negosyo Center’s major functions and services. Next, BC Fitz Gerald Anuta of NC-Arakan discussed the proper entrepreneurial mindset and the basics of starting a business. Afterwards, BC  Adrian Clave Lariba of NC Pres. Roxas presented on Basic Pricing and Costing. 

The objective of this seminar is to encourage the students to pursue entrepreneurship in the future, and equip them with the basic know-how of starting a business.♦


One of the first things that a customer sees is the product’s packaging and labelling. A lot of customers buy a product solely based on its appearance. Thus, in order to help MSMEs sell more, Negosyo Center-Antipas conducted a Packaging and Labelling Seminar on February 7, 2018 held at the NC Office, Municipal Gymnasium, Antipas, Cotabato. 

To start the seminar, BC Hanie Lou P. Llupar presented the major functions and services of the Negosyo Center.

Afterwards, DTI-Cotabato Senior Trade Industry Development Specialist Epifania Ealdama, resource person for the said seminar, discussed the required product information and details that must be shown on the label such as net weight, expiry date, ingredients, among others.  

Further, she critiqued the packaging and labelling of the products of MSMEs as well as gave tips on how they can improve and develop their products. Lastly, there was an open forum for questions and clarifications, and a one-on-one coaching for MSMEs at the end of the program.♦

Because Micro-Small-Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) comprise majority of our country’s entrepreneurs, DTI would like to equip them with the necessary skills to make their businesses sustainable and lasting.

Data from the Philippine Statistics Authority showed that in 2016, Micro-Small-Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) account 99.57% or (911,768) of the total establishments (915,726) in the country; of which 89.63% or (820,795) were micro-enterprises. Only 9.50% (86,955) were small enterprises and 0.44% or (4,018) only were medium enterprises. Large enterprises only made up the remaining 0.43%. (3,958).

Regional Director Ibrahim K. Guiamadel shared, “In Region 12, the number of MSMEs are only over 20,000. Therefore, DTI 12 is doing its best to encourage more people to venture into business and teach them how to make these businesses grow and become sustainable. Hence, last year we exerted all our team’s effort to complete the Negosyo Centers in the region through the assistance of our local government units. Said Negosyo Centers are manned with Business Counsellors who are currently tapped to conduct trainings to MSMEs including owners of Sari-Sari Stores. “

For the first quarter of this year, among the 52 Negosyo Centers (NCs) in the Region, three NCs have already conducted activities to educate Sari-Sari Store Owners on their respective areas. These are: Starting a Sari-Sari Store Business (NC Matalam), Inventory Management (NC Pigcawayan), and Capability Building for Lutayan Entrepreneurs (CaBLE) Seminar (Lutayan) which included the topics: Entrepreneurial Mind setting, Cash Management, Simple Bookkeeping, and Business Management.

Starting a Sari-Sari Store Business by NC Matalam

NC Matalam conducted its seminar last February 20 with 80 participants coming from the different barangays of the said municipality. A duo of Negosyo Center Business Counsellors conducted the training. Dalapitan Barangay Captain Antonio Villarosa welcomed the participants and thanked the Negosyo Center for conducting the said seminar.

Business Counsellor Junelyn M. Jaravata discussed the importance of having the right entrepreneurial mindset to succeed in business. Aside from this, she also shared qualities of an Entrepreneur which are the following: 1) Having a vision; 2) High Energy Level; 3) The Need to Achieve; 4) Self-Confidence; 5) Tolerance for failure and 6) internal locus of control.

Further, Jaravata said that entrepreneurs must see things in a different perspective, try new ways of doing things, tolerate higher level of ambiguity, not fear failure, and most importantly, and be able to shift their mental attitude.

Business Counselor Reanne Claudine P. Laguna discussed about the basics of starting a sari-sari store business. Laguna outlined the advantages of starting a sari-sari store, such as low start-up capital and convenience. Then, she also presented about the legal requirements of and steps in starting a business such as registering with DTI and getting a Business Name. Aside from Business Registration, Laguna also discussed some tips to ensure that the sari-sari store will last such as: 1) Come up with a study; 2) Find a great location; 3) Find Suppliers; 4) Hire the Right people; 5) Create a System and 6) Manage your inventory. Finally, Laguna reiterated to the participants to refrain from getting items from the store for personal or family use without paying for it.♦

NC R12 Sari2 Stores 1


NC R12 Sari-Sari Stores

Founded by Ms. Marinisa Gandola in 2008,  the Kabacan Tiles Center offers affordable, quality tiles and home depot, proudly based at the municipality of Kabacan, North Cotabato.  

With the growing popularity of her store, she soon got customers from other municipalities such as Carmen and Matalam in North Cotabato, and Pagalungan in Maguindanao. 

Negosyo Center Assistance

Learning about the Negosyo Center's free seminars, Ms. Gandola attended the Financing Forum on September 29, 2017, conducted by the Negosyo Center-Kabacan in coordination with the Small Business Corporation (SB Corp.). The financing forum provided participants with information on financing options.

Through the said forum, the Negosyo Center-Kabacan linked Ms. Gandola with SB Corp through its Desk Officer Mr. Nelson Carbalo for possible availment of its loan. 

NC-Kabacan facilitated the loan application of Ms. Gandola amounting to Php 1,000,000.00 thru SB Corp during the last quarter of 2017.

Positive Impact

On January 30, 2018, SB Corp approved and released Ms. Gandola’s loan amounting to Php 1,000,000.00.

The loan will be used, she said, in adding more inventory in the center's showroom as well as additional working capital. 

Moreover, the loan will greatly help her plans to directly source products from suppliers abroad. Through the direct-abroad supplier-method, she can reduce her cost unlike the present set-up where she needs to pass through a distributor which adds up to her purchase price.

With this, Kabacan Tiles Center will be able to keep on delivering quality products and services to their customers, consistent with its tagline - “Sa presyong abot-kamay, gaganda ang inyong bahay.”♦

SOCCSKSARGEN - The team composing the DTI-DPWH Convergence for Roads Leveraging Linkages of Trade and Industry (ROLL IT) Program for Region XII conducted a Consultation Meeting with stakeholders to finalize the proposed road concreting projects at The Farm at Carpenter Hills Steakhouse in Koronadal City last Friday, February 23, 2018.

A duo from the Central Technical Working Group (CTWG) presented the list of approved projects for 2018 and presented the Revised Guidelines and Updates on the 2019 ROLL IT Program. Breakdown of the projects per province are as follow: 1) Cotabato Province – 10 projects; 2) Sarangani Province – 1 project; 3) South Cotabato – 5 projects ; 4) Sultan Kudarat – 4 projects.

Near a hundred LGU representatives from the four provinces and key cities of the region have attended the consultation meeting which aims to deliberate 48 projects that were approved by the Regional Technical Working Group (RTWG) headed by the two team leaders from DTI and DPWH namely Engr. Anthony Bravo of DTI Cotabato Province and Engr. Annabel Dulay, Chief of the DPWH. Members of the RTWG from the DTI and DPWH together with the DTI provincial directors and officers-in-charge and regional and provincial division chiefs also attended the event.

Two Local Chief Executives (LCEs) came in to show support to their respective team members. They are Mayor Ramon Abalos of Lambayong, Sultan Kudarat and Mayor Sumulong Sultan of Pikit, Cotabato.

Mr. Leonard Flores, Chief of the Industry Development Division of the DTI 12 Regional Office, head secretariat and member of the RTWG, presented the Initial Assessment of Project Proposals for Enrolment in the 2019 ROLL IT. He also revealed the projects that have passed the assessment of the DTI-DPWH Regional Technical Working Group which will be submitted to the Regional Development Council. Projects that will pass the scrutiny of the 

RDC will, in turn, be endorsed to the Central Technical Working Group in Manila for final technical review and deliberation. Said group, upon identifying the final list of projects, will endorse them to the Congress for funding/inclusion in the General Appropriations Act (GAA) as part of DPWH's budget for the succeeding year (2019).

So far, out of more than a hundred projects, 48 were shortlisted by the RTWG. Breakdown of these projects are as follow: From North Cotabato – 17 projects; Sultan Kudarat – 9 projects; Cotabato City – 3 projects; South Cotabato – 9 projects; Sarangani – 7 projects and General Santos City – 3 projects.

To date, 19 Road Concreting projects and 1 Road Improvement Project from Region 12 have been approved by the CTWG in 2017 and funded by Congress for DPWH’s implementation.

For Cotabato Province, the following are the approved projects: 1) Aleosan Barangay Road from Katalicanan - Cawilihan- Lawili, in support to Rubber and Palm Oil Industries; 2) Aleosan Barangay Road from Lawili to Pentil to Palacat in support to Rubber and Palm Oil Industries; 3) Aleosan Barangay Road from San Mateo - sitio Taguan - to Puypoyon Dualing, in support to Rubber, Palm oil and Coconut Industries; 4) Aleosan Barangay Road from Upper Katalicanan to Sitio Citrus New Leon, in support to Rubber and Palm Oil Industries; 5) Kidapawan City Barangay Sudapin Road from Sudapin (Jct. Kidapawan – Ilomavis Tourist Road) to Purok 5, Brgy. Sudapin in support to Rubber and Banana industry; 6) National Highway to Tamped, Matalam in support to Rubber sheet processing; 7) New Panay/Tupig to Kibenes/Carmen in support to Rubber Processing Center; 8) Poblacion – Nuangan Road, Brgy. Nuangan in support to Coco Husk Processing Plants; 9) Sayre Road-Sitio Tawagon-Kilambay, Brgy. Kibudtungan to salama, banisilan road in support to the Coconut Processing Industry; 10) Tulunan (Poblacion) road to Brgy. Dungos, Tulunan in support to the Palm Oil and Banana Industries

On the other hand, for South Cotabato Province, five projects were approved. These are: 1) Blagan-Datal Laguh San Jose – Pao Pao Sinawal Road connecting to Albert Morrow Boulevard in Support of the Agri-Business Industry of General Santos City; 2) Jct. Nhwy. – Crossing Palkan – Lamcaliaf – Kalsangi Road Connecting Kalsangi Golf Course and National 

Highway in support of Agri-Business and Tourism Industries, Polomolok, South Cotabato; 3) Jct. Nhwy. – Sto. Niǹo – Kibang Road connecting Coffee, Cacao, Peanut and Corn Plantation and Processing Areas and National Highway in support of Agri-Business Industry, Sto. Niǹo and Lake Sebu, South Cotabato; 4) Poblacion-San Isidro- Liberty-Pulabato-Palo Road connecting HVCC plantation areas and Tampakan Public Market in support of Agri-Business Industry, Tampakan, South Cotabato; 5) Purok 3A, Poblacion- Lote, Linan Road Connecting to Coffee and Cacao Processing Areas and Tupi Public market in support to Agri-Business Industry, Tupi, South Cotabato.

Four projects from Sultan Kudarat were approved and funded for implementation. Three of the projects are on concreting of roads namely: 1) Road from Brgy Basak - Villamonte - Capilan - to New Calinog in support to Bamboo and Coffee Plantation; 2) Tacurong East By-Pass Road from Brgy. San Antonio-D'Ledesma-San Pablo Brgy Kalandagan Barangay Road in support to banana and palm oil industries; and 3) Tuka - Bai Sarifinang Road in Bagumbayan SK in support to Agri-based Industries (Pineapple, Coffee, Rubber, Corn and Muscovado Processing plant). On the other hand, 1 project is on Road Improvement ( with cross drainage) which is located in the national highway junction, Poblacion President Quirino connecting to Bgy. Bagumbayan in support to Agri-based Industries (Palm Oil, Muscovado/Sugar cane, Vegetables, Rice & Corn).

Lastly, Sarangani Province has 1 approved road concreting project which is located in Road Alkikan-Datal Batong-Datal Bila in support to Agro-industries.♦


DTI-DPWH ROLL IT South Cotabato


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