Mr. Larry Balmori was one of the few who were given a chance to exhibit his products during the celebration of the 49th Founding Anniversary of Davao Oriental through the Sikat Pinoy INALIMA 2016 Trade Fair and Exhibit at Honey’s Hotel, City of Mati, Davao Oriental conducted by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Davao Oriental Field Office.

Larry's Food Products 1

Through the implementation of Bottom-Up Budgeting of DTI-Davao Oriental Field Office, in coordination with the Municipal Local Government Unit of Cateel and other agencies like the Department of Agriculture (DA) and Department of Science and Technology (DOST), Mr. Balmori was able to participate to the skills training on Banana Chips and Taro Chips that helped him produce such products in their municipality. He was also able to participate to different seminars conducted through the Negosyo Center prior to his participation during the INALIMA 2016. These seminars are the Seminar on Visual Merchandising and Seminar on How to Negotiate with Buyers. Assistance in packaging and labeling were also provided by the Negosyo Center Staff.

Larry’s Food Products that were displayed during the exhibit were Native Chili Powder, Driftwood, Banana Chips and Taro Chips. He was able to generate Php 12,525.00.

His participation during the fair enabled him to not only generate sales but also expand his networks over the province.

Larry's Food Products 2

Ayana's Siling Kinamayo 01Ayana's Siling Kinamayo 02

When Typhoon Pablo hit Davao Oriental on December 4, 2012, probably the hardest part was how to bring livelihood to the hardly-hit municipalities of Baganga, Cateel and Boston.

Many lives were lost and the damage on infrastructure and crops, especially on the top source of income – the coconut were enormous.

However, in the Building Back Better Program of the Provincial Government of Davao Oriental under the leadership of Governor Corazon N. Malanyaon, a very clear and well-defined program was formulated and mutually accepted and adopted by all the stakeholders.

On the part of DTI, it was mandated to develop reliable and alternative sources of income as coconut production cannot be relied upon considering that it will take five to seven years before the farmer can harvest the crop.

Thus, DTI promoted hot chili production and processing for the farmers to immediately start harvesting on the fourth month from planting.

Anchored on Oplan Pablo (Program to Accelerate Building Livelihood Opportunities in Davao Oriental), hot chili production and processing became the center piece of DTI's assistance to the affected farmers.

Ayana's Siling Kinamayo 03Ayana's Siling Kinamayo 04


Among the new and significant MSMEs developed for this industry is the Ayana's Siling Kinamayo, owned and managed by Mr. Edlun and Mrs. Maricel Ferrando of Poblacion, Caraga, Davao Oriental.

Though micro as it is, it has become the major source of income, not just for the MSME, but also for the farmers.

With an initial capitalization of PHP800,000, and with just the couple working, they were able to help 25 chili farmers from the municipality.

These chili farmers, who are their suppliers of native chili, are earning PHP70.00 - PHP80.00 per kg for the fresh and PHP200.00 per kg for dried chili.

With DTI’s intervention on marketing and promotion, training/seminars and product development, Ayana’s Siling Kinamayo is now being sold in Davao City, Manila, Cotabato City, Cagayan de Oro City and other key cities, and to foreign buyers like Indonesia and the United States.

According to Mr. and Mrs. Ferrando, they have been generating between PHP50,000 to PHP500,000 whenever they trade fairs.

Having imbibed the culture of entrepreneurship by heart, Mr. Ferrando was proclaimed winner of the 2015 AFPSLAI National Search for Outstanding Entrepreneur that made him take home the cash prize of PHP100,000.

The husband and wife tandem, who can be regarded as an epitome of an SME with a very good attitude in running their business are not only thinking about making Ayana’s Siling Kinamayo big for their own benefit, but as well as the welfare of their farmer-suppliers.

What makes a successful business? Products with the topmost quality? Services that are offered dearly and excellently? Or, a combination of both and more?

Dizon Delicacies started in 2008 with a humble starting capital of Php1,000.00. They got the license from the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) in 2009 and from the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) in 2010. Now, their Food and Drug Administration (FDA) License To Operate (LTO) is in the works as it is on-going.

Dizon's Delicacies on exhibit
Dizon’s delectable delicacies displayed during the Mindanao Trade Expo at Abreeza Mall, Davao City

The first product that marked their onset on the market is the ube jam. Its introduction brought delight to the customers. And with it, the business grew and more delish treats were added in their line of products. Dizon took advantage of the Department of Science and Technology’s Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program (SET-UP), they provided her with a soft loan worth Php215, 000.00 to procure equipment and get access to technology and training. She often sought the assistance of DTI to increase productivity and improve her product by attending entrepreneurship training, product development and market exposure through participation in local and national trade fairs. With the support of her husband, Henry Dizon, their business has continuously expanded. At present, they already produce special biko, cassava leche flan, sweetened langka, tablea, bagoong, guyabano nectar and, of course, the ube jam.

Today, they market their goods to different places in Davao Region through personal delivery, reaching Mati City, Lupon, Tagum City and Davao City. They even joined expositions in Davao and displayed their products in the malls.

Truly, they have won the hearts of their clients. But doing so didn’t happen overnight. They’ve given their utmost endeavour to achieve such feat. They are confident in their products and their business since they work legitimately.

Dizon Delicacies' Delia and Henry Dizon
Delia and Henry Dizon of Dizon Delicacies

When asked for an advice in business, Delia Dizon had this to say: “For fans of cooking, don’t be afraid. If you like cooking or processing food, don’t let this be only a hobby. Make it into something that you can benefit from by finding the right resources to do it. Engage on trainings and seminars to enhance your skills. You are not engaging into business because of pera-pera lang (money only). As entrepreneur, you have the social responsibility. You are responsible to the people you employ, to the customers you serve and also to the community you work with. In business, you need to provide value for the customer’s money and you compete fairly.”

In dealing with their customers, they’ve shown respect and pleasantness. And most importantly, they sell their products in the highest quality, thus, gaining the respect and admiration from their patrons.

Indeed, their strategies in winning the customers’ hearts are ideal examples to other businesses out there that are hoping for success.

Dizon Delicacies
Poblacion, Gov. Generoso, Davao Oriental
Proprietor: Delia A. Dizon
Mobile: 0919-600-0556

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