DTI-2’s Regional Director Leah Pulido Ocampo and Cagayan State University President Urdujah Tejada forge a Memorandum of Agreement for the conduct of a region-wide Consumer Awareness Assessment Survey.

The Department of Trade and Industry Region 2 (DTI-2) commissions the Cagayan State University (CSU) College of Business Entrepreneurship and Accountancy to conduct a region-wide survey to measure the effectiveness of the implementation of its consumer protection advocacy, programs and services.  The signing of the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) by and between DTI Regional Director Leah Pulido-Ocampo and CSU President Urdujah A. Tejada was held at the DTI Negosyo Center in Carig Sur, Tuguegarao City today.

“This partnership will be the first of many,” said DTI Director Leah Ocampo. "We hope and we will, work closely with the academe in the implementation of our other flagship programs and services.”

The survey is expected to be completed within three months and will cover the five provinces of Region 2 – Cagayan, Batanes, Quirino, Isabela and Nueva Vizcaya.♦

Date of release: 19 August 2019

DTI-2 Director Leah Pulido Ocampo as guest speaker during the Opening of the AFI Festival Trade Fair of Tuguegarao City called on the city government to support MSMEs by patronizing local products through an ordinance that would require its departments to procure their requirements from local MSMEs.

RD Ocampo challenged the City Government to come up with an ordinance that would require all tourism establishments and government offices to patronize locally produced food and beverages as well as manufactured furniture and decorative items.  This was her statement during the opening program of Tuguegarao City’s 295th Patronal Fiesta Trade Fair.  To set the momentum, RD Ocampo pledged that she would be issuing an Office Order that will require DTI-2’s Regional Office and Provincial Offices to serve locally produced food and beverages in meetings, seminars, conferences and other office events.

She also called on the local government officials led by Mayor Jefferson Soriano to live up to its brand as the Premier Ybanag City of the North by defining its unique selling proposition that will differentiate it from the rest.  “We have to be clear about what we want to be known for, which I believe the City Government and its people would be aware of, more than anyone else,” she said.

Sharing DTI’s vision of realizing a “more inclusive and prosperous Philippines,” RD Ocampo said, “Light industries like food processing, furniture and handicraft making would increase the value of commodities and by generating additional activities along the value chains, more jobs and livelihood opportunities are generated.  All these will redound to a better economy and a more stable society which could help put an end to the vicious cycle of poverty.”

The DTI Regional Director underlined the importance of aligning local strategies to the priorities and policies in the national level as both strategic and practical.  The city’s priorities on trade, industry and investment can be aligned whenever practical to the over-all national agenda as defined by the Philippine Development Plan, Philippine Export Development Plan, Investment Promotion Plan and the various Industry Roadmaps.♦

Date of release: 15 August 2019

DTI Cagayan’s Mar Anthony Alan uses test weights to check the accuracy of the weighing scales of meat vendors in the Sanchez Mira Public Market.

July 12, 2019, Sanchez Mira, Cagayan - A surprise Operation Timbangan jointly conducted by LGU Sanchez Mira and DTI Cagayan resulted in the confiscation of six defective weighing scales from the wet market of Sanchez Mira. The team composed of officers from the Treasurer’s Office and Task Force Makabayan of DTI Cagayan’s Consumer Protection Division (CPD) visited a total of 33 stalls and 15 other business establishments to check their compliance to fair trade laws.

Based on Article 61 Chapter II of the Consumer Act of the Philippines, “the provincial, city or municipal treasurers shall strictly enforce the provisions of this chapter and its implementing rules and regulations.” Under the same article, the DTI is mandated to enforce the use of the metric system. The misrepresentation of the true weight and measure of goods sold is punishable by law under Articles 64 and 65 of the Consumer Act of the Philippines.

While in Sanchez Mira, the CPD team also monitored the 2 Timbangan ng Bayan donated by DTI in the Sanchez Mira Public Market and conducted a Business Education and Information Session for 38 market vendors and business establishment representatives.♦

Date of release: 13 August 2019

RD Leah speaks about DTI-2’s General Policy Directions to its  223 strong  personnel during the Midyear Performance Assessment and Assembly in Sta Ana, Cagayan last 31 July to 2 August. 

DTI-2 Regional Director Leah Pulido Ocampo, who assumed office on 8 July 2019, bared the General Policy Directions for the agency’s regional thrusts under her term during DTI-2’s Midyear Assembly held in Sta Ana, Cagayan on July 31 to August 2, 2019 with 223 employees including Negosyo Center business counselors, regular technical and non-technical staff and contract of service (COS) hirees attending.

Her five point policy directions were focused on MSME Development, Investment Promotion, Consumer Protection, Information Dissemination and Personnel and Administration.

“We will be gunning for bigger impact. Focusing on the strengths of the five provinces comprising Region 02, we will concentrate our efforts into making the products which we have in abundance more competitive and market-driven. Therefore, we will intensify product development programs, encourage the bigger and stronger players to become consolidators and “big brothers” to our smaller entrepreneurs,” RD Ocampo said about DTI’s thrusts on MSME Development.

In addition, she also pointed out the need to increase the number of food processors complying to the regulatory requirements such as FDA’s LTO, CPR and Halal Certification and regionalizing the Philippine Export Development Plan based on the comparative advantage of Region 02. In line with the drive to develop more globally competitive products from the region, RD Leah encouraged the provinces to identify their unique selling proposition, categorize MSMEs per sector and craft strategies to develop them as industry clusters.

For local market promotions, the PADDAY NA LIMA Regional Trade Fair which is held annually in Metro Manila, will be made into a more efficient and effective vehicle for showcasing the strengths of Region 2 in terms of trade, agribusiness, tourism and investment and in partnership with relevant government agencies. Padday na Lima will also be utilized as a culminating activity for the Shared Service Facility Projects and the Kapatid Mentor Me (KMME) graduates.

Increased visibility of DTI is likewise high in the agenda of RD Leah. This will be done through more active participation in national and international trade shows and expositions and boosting information dissemination initiatives utilizing social media and other digital platforms.

Her pronouncement on policies affecting human resource management and administrative concerns was met with positive response from the staff. Policy guidelines on the implementation of Executive Order 77 s 2019 on new travel expense rates as well as on the availment of overtime pay was explained by DC Peter Guimmayen after RD Ocampo’s talk.♦

Date of release: 15 August 2019

Members of the Sto Domingo Tribal Workers Association listen attentively as the supplier demonstrates how to operate their newly acquired compound miter saw, part of the SSF equipment package from DTI.

July 11, 2019, Sto Domingo, Cabaroroguis, Quirino - The Sto Domingo Tribal Workers Association, cooperators of the 2018 approved Shared Service Facility (SSF) project for Furniture Making recently received their equipment from the Department of Trade and Industry Region 02. The package of equipment worth 381,250.00 pesos consist of heavy duty band saw, compound miter saw, table saw, portable planer, thickness planer, bench drill press, 2 air compressors with accessories, and, 2 electric portable jigsaws.

The Traditional Craft and Furniture Making SSF Project is an expansion of the facilities of the Sto Domingo Tribal Workers Association which aims to take full advantage of the presence of the numerous micro enterprises engaged in furniture making in the community. Ten MSMEs have been identified as direct beneficiaries with more than thirty jobs generated from amongst them. Almost all of them belong to the Ifugao tribe who have been wood carvers and furniture makers for most of their life.

The expansion project is expected to double their current production capacity as well as their sales and their market reach. Their current market base is within the Province of Quirino and the City of Tuguegarao. With the SSF, they intend to reach other markets in Region 02 and Metro Manila.♦

Date of release: 13 August 2019

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