Developed by the Department of Trade and Industry, Negosyo Connect is your source of information about registered businesses in the Philippines. This online portal makes it possible to link businesses, search for companies operating in the country, or verify legitimate firms. Through Negosyo Connect, you may check the name and owner of business, its location, line of business, and business type. This is useful for companies who wish to do business with other firms, or consumers who want check stores when buying product or service. Business owners can benefit from Negosyo Connect when registering their firms with other government agencies such as SSS, PagIBIG, Philhealth, etc, as they do not need to present documents, but just search for their business name in the database instead.

Companies listed in the Negosyo Connect are registered with DTI and the local government units (LGUs) which guarantee the legitimacy and veracity of a business.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is Negosyo Connect?

It is an online portal developed by DTI containing relevant information about registered businesses operating in the Philippines. Users may find a specific business in the database by typing its name in the search engine.


Who can use Negosyo Connect portal?

Everyone can use the Negosyo Connect. But those who are looking for business information could greatly benefit from the portal. Ideal users include companies that would like to do business with other firms (B2B), online consumers who want to check legitimacy of an online seller, or government offices that require verifying registration of a firm.


What information can we find in Negosyo Connect?

Users can find the following data in Negosyo Connect:

  • Business Name- The registered name used by a business
  • Location – the registered place of operations of a business
  • Owner – the registered owner of a business. In case of corporation, the owner’s name could be the registered business name of a company.
  • Line of Business- describes the nature of a business (i.e. food service, restaurant, retail store)
  • Business type- indicates the ownership structure of business (Sole proprietorship, corporation, partnership, cooperative)

What types of business are covered by Negosyo Connect?

The Negosyo Connect includes businesses (Sole proprietorship, corporation, partnership, cooperative) registered with DTI, SEC, and CDA, and select LGUs.


What are the areas covered by Negosyo Connect?

For its initial implementation, businesses from three cities (Quezon City, Mandaluyong City, Pateros) were listed in the Negosyo Connect. Database of other cities and municipalities will be linked with Negosyo Connect in the succeeding months.


Can a business use Negosyo Connect as a proof of legitimacy and existence?

Yes, as long as the said business is registered with the pertinent government agency and the LGUs.


Can a Negosyo Connect user ask for the contact details (telephone number, email address) of a business?

For its initial run, the public cannot request for the said information. Only the abovementioned data are available.


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