The PQA is conferred annually to qualified organizations in the private and public sectors. Organizations which have demonstrated management excellence by the purposefulness with which it continues to improve and build upon outstanding results and excellent systems thereby achieving the highest level of performance excellence.



Award given to organizations that have achieved the highest level of excellence and is recognized as a global and national role model.


Organizations that have applied for but could not fully meet the requirements of the award for performance excellence may receive any of the following PQA Recognition Categories.

1. Recognition for Mastery in Quality Management

The organization should have demonstrated, through its practices and achievements, superior results clearly linked to robust management systems. It should exhibit practices, which other organizations can learn from and should serve as role model for other organizations in the Philippines.

2. Recognition for Proficiency in Quality Management

The organization should have demonstrated through implementation of quality and productivity management principles, significant progress in building sound and notable processes. It should have a documented and solid approach to system-level quality and productivity management and has been implementing quality and productivity improvement plans and procedures.

3. Recognition for Commitment to Quality Management

The organization should have demonstrated its serious commitment to improvement in order to achieve quality excellence. It should have planted the seeds of quality and productivity and is working towards reaping long-term benefits of the efforts.

Awardees/Recipients shall receive a glass trophy bearing the Seal of the President of the Philippines and the PQA Logo. The trophy is designed and executed by renowned glass sculptor, Ramon G. Orlina. The Award/Recognition shall be given by the President of the Philippines in appropriate ceremonies usually held at the Malacañang Palace.

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