Each applicant organization gains an outside perspective on its organizational performance based on 550-600 hours of review by at least four business experts and quality practitioners from industry, academe and government. The results of this review are contained in a Feedback Report, outlining strengths and areas for improvement based on the Criteria. Feedback reports are used by organizations as inputs in strategic planning, in improving productivity, and in sustaining their organizational improvement programs and activities.

1. Gain an outside perspective of your orgabization's strenghts and opportunities for improvement which will be prepared through a rigorous evaluation processes equivalent to about 550 to 600 man hours of review by an expert of team of assessors.

All assessors are quality practitioners from different organizations-private and public undergone 5-day PQA Assessors Preparatory Course and 3-day PQA Assessors Calibration Workshop.

2. Receive a FEEDBACK REPORT which can guide your quality and productivity improvement efforts.

The FEEDBACK REPORT contains executive and overall summaries of strengths and opportunities for improvement of the application vis-a-vis the detailed requirements of the PQA criteria.

3. Greater success and increase employee involvement & organization's capability and flexibility to cope with rapid change while keeping the focused on customer satisfaction and retention.

4. Sharpen the organizational tools for achieving business results and position the organization for future growth and profitability.

5. And if the organizationis selected to receive the Award or any PQA Recognition,

  • the organization will be invited to receive the award or recognition trophies in a Conferment Ceremony in Malacanang with no less than the PRESIDENT OF THE PHILIPPINES . PQA trophies are designed and executed by MR. RAMON G. ORLINA - a world renowned Filipino glass sculptor.
  • the organization's exceptional management practices become benchmarks and serve as models for other organizations that are on a similar journey to performance excellence. Organizations will have an opportunity to share these best practices in provincial/regional promotional activities of the PQA program.
  • the organization can publicize and advertise receipt of the Award or any PQA Recognition and use the PQA logo on their stationery, in advertisements and materials used for advertising and promotions but still subjected to some conditions.
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