Strategic Trade Management Office (STMO)

The lead government agency responsible for managing the trade of strategic goods and technologies to prevent the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. STMO’s activities include registration and authorization of strategic trade, enforcing the Strategic Trade Management Act, cooperating with other countries on strategic trade management, and assisting industries and SMEs achieve compliance.

Logistics Services Philippines Conference and Exhibition

 The first Logistics Services Philippines Conference and Exhibition on Dec. 6-7 is a gathering of key stakeholders from the logistics services sector, the government, and development partners, with the aim to tackle issues and concerns that hinder the development of the sector and present programs and policies to improve the competitiveness of the logistics services. Furthermore, the activity seeks to promote the logistics services providers and link them with the exporters and MSMEs who are needing for reliable and cost-friendly logistics services.



A throng of buyers flock to the Padday na Lima RTF on Opening Day.
This year’s Padday na Lima Regional Trade Fair (RTF) grossed P9,257,383.20 which is 31% higher than last year’s P6.4M gross sales. The week-long RTF which was participated in by 77 MSME-exhibitors was held at the Alabang Mall, Muntinlupa on 20-26 September 2018.
The Padday Na Lima RTF is a regional marketing event implemented annually by the Department of Trade & Industry - Region 02. It is the banner for the marketing and promotion of Region 02’s products in the furniture and furnishing, lifestyle, gifts and holiday decor, health and wellness, and fresh and processed food sectors.
“Padday Na Lima,” is an Ybanag vernacular which means “made by hands” or “hand-crafted.”♦
Date of release: 3 October 2018


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