Funded by Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI), Green Growth Cooperation (2015-2017) seeks to formalize a framework of cooperation and facilitate collaboration between GGGI and DTI to promote programs, research, and joint activities in support of capacity building and development of green economic growth options to strengthen the business case for greening the MSME sector and boost its contribution to the national economy.

The following areas of cooperation are: 1) Business Case Preparation, 2) Mainstreaming Green Growth in the Planning Process, and 3) Capacity Building for DTI Green Growth Advocates.

DTI Consultative Meeting on Mainstreaming Green Growth

This project is handled by DTI-Regional Operations group (ROG), DTI-Corporate Planning Service (CorPlan), and DTI-Human Resource and Administrative Service (HRAS).


* Conducted situational analysis on the readiness of going green of SMEs in food manufacturing sector

* Facilitated preparation of the Terms of Reference (TOR) on the conduct of Case Study on Green SME Best Practices in the Philippines. The study will focus on cacao, coffee, and processed fruits and nuts sectors. A preparatory meeting with ASSIST Asia, the contractor hired to prepare the business case, was conducted to finalize deliverables and agree on next steps.

* Prepared Department Order (DO) on the creation of a Management Committee on Green Growth Cooperation

* Coordinated with GGGI Team and CorPlan to identify and agree on the key activities that DTI and GGGI have to undertake throughout the year

* DTI-Resource Generation and Management Service (RGMS) Dir. Lydia R. Guevarra represented DTI in the Global Green Growth Week held in Jeju Island, South Korea from 05-09 September 2016. Dir. Guevarra was one of the speakers in the Philippine Country Session entitled “Investing in Climate Resilient Green Growth in the Philippines” together with officials from the Climate Change Commission (CCC) and the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA). She presented DTI’s various initiatives on green economic development.

* Organized, in partnership with GGGI and CorPlan, a Consultative Management Workshop for the Green Cooperation Framework on 30 September 2016 at the Makati Diamond Residences, Makati City. The workshop aimed at identifying key steps on how to go about mainstreaming green growth in the Department’s planning process.

* Conducted meeting with GGGI on 11 October 2016 to discuss the business case study and agree on the way forward. The group agreed that the focus sectors are: coffee, cacao, pili nuts, and processed fruit (banana). Also, from the initial 7 firms, each sector will have 3 representative firms totaling to 12 firms to reflect all analysis for LMH intervention with low as zero/low cost greening practices and so on.

* Attended the GGGI Project Progress and Plan Review Meeting held on 06 December 2016 where ASSIST presented the Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) Framework and methodology that ASSIST will carry out relative to data collection. Ms. Joyce Gonzaga was hired as consultant for the 2nd component of the project i.e. mainstreaming green growth in the DTI Planning Process. Among the outputs expected from the consultant are: detailed work plan of activities, stakeholders mapping report, situational analysis of the DTI Planning Process and roadmap development, guidelines methodology for Green Growth mainstreaming, and M&E system.

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