Funded by the Government of Japan through its Non-Project Grant Aid Counter Value Fund (NPGA-CVF), PCPS aims to enhance the IT skills of Filipino youth as the country’s future knowledge workers. PCPS4 (2009-2012) is the fourth phase of the project, with an allotted budget of PhP 490 million.

The components of PCPS are: establishment of computer laboratories in public high schools, teacher training, and implementation of computer education curriculum in the project’s recipient schools.

DTI handles this project together with Department of Education (DepEd) and Department of Finance (DOF).

DTI, as the proponent agency, is in-charge of project management and coordination at the national, regional, and provincial levels. It is also in-charge of the procurement and distribution of the computer packages.

From 2001 to 2014, the PCPS project (Phases 1 to 4) distributed a total of 61,554 desktop computers to 5,028 public high schools nationwide. This translates to a reduction of computer backlog in the public high schools from 76% in 2003 to 4% in 2014. More than 52,000 teachers from the recipient schools were also trained on basic computer operation and troubleshooting and integration of IT in the basic education curriculum. 


  • Prepared and submitted the PCPS4 Terminal Report to DOF, DepEd, and Embassy of Japan.
  • Prepared and endorsed to DOF the proposal for PCPS Phase 5 which aims to cover public high schools in Visayas (Regions 6 to 8) and Mindanao (Regions 9 to 13 and ARMM), particularly schools that are newly established and/or heavily damaged by natural calamities (.e.g. earthquake and typhoons) in the past three (3) years
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