Supported by International Labour Organization and the European Union, STRENGTHEN (2016-2018) aims to strengthen the employment dimension in policies and programmes related to international trade with better analysis, more coherent policy making, and enhanced programmes that are designed to encourage employment creation and upgrading.

DTI handles this project together with the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), other NGAs, and Labor and Employers’ Organization.


  • Assisted ILO CO Manila and represented DTI in the multi-stakeholder meeting in preparation for the Inception Workshop of the ILO STRENGTHEN Project
  • Participated in the Inception Workshop held at the Century Park Hotel on 6-7 October 2016. The workshop, which was attended by representatives from DOLE and other NGAs as well as social partners and other stakeholders, has for its goals: (a) to create connections between interested parties for policy dialogue; (b) to provide a conceptual framework for assessing the effects of trade on employment; (c) to disseminate up-to-date statistics on the Philippines' trade and labour markets; (d) to discuss and exchange views and experiences on the impact of trade on employment in the Philippines; and (e) to validate the Country Work Plan.
  • Coordinated the meeting with ILO to discuss the draft ToR for the Creation of the Tripartite Technical Working Group
  • Coordinated, assisted, and attended the Preliminary Tripartite Technical Working Group. It was agreed that the focus sector for the TRAVERA program is processed food specifically coconut.

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