• Aging's Food Delight Brings Kakanin To Life

      Kakanin, is derived from the word kanin, and means prepared rice is one of the most beloved and cultural desserts of the Filipinos and Aging’s Food Delights brings these kakanins to life through their unique and tasty products. Aging’s Food Delights started in 2013, where only the entrepreneur Ms. Agapita Mercado and her husband Gregorio Mercado worked for the business. “Nagsimula kami ng kaming dalawa lang ng asawa ko na gumagawa ng kakanin doon sa lamesang yun.” (We started with just the two...

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    • Handmade PVC Molded Success

      Back in 2003, Mr. Carlos Yu established John Carlo Creations, a bag manufacturing business which specializes in using PVC (polyvinyl chloride) molds to produce their famous molded bags. They are the sole and pioneer manufacturer of PVC molds in the country. Mr. Yu an entrepreneur with 30 years of experience first started to go in business when a friend has given him an idea to produce thermoplastic molds to improve the quality of molded bags instead of using the traditional paper-mâché molds...

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