Baggao, Cagayan —  To discuss future partnership and collaboration in conducting Skills Training for the community, DTI R2 Cagayan and the Local Government Unit (LGU) convened a meeting at the Municipal Hall in San Jose, Baggao, Cagayan on June 13, 2024.

The meeting, led by DTI R2 Cagayan’s TIDS Jerard Que, Provincial Focal Person for ICT, Coconut, and Creative Industries, along with Ms. Alpha Jessica Paggabao, Provincial Focal Person for Cacao and Wearables & Homestyle (W&H) Industries, Ms. Geraldine Herrera, OTOP Focal Person for LGU Baggao, and JBC Justine, focused on identifying key areas for skills improvement, utilizing local resources effectively, and aligning training programs with community needs.

As a result of these discussions, both parties agreed to organize and conduct a series of skills training sessions across various industries from August to November this year. DTI R2 Cagayan and LGU Baggao are both committed to ensuring the successful implementation of these training programs to empower local entrepreneurs and enhance their competitiveness in their respective sectors.

In addition to the coordination meeting, TIDS Que, who also serves as the CMCI Provincial Focal Person, conducted a session on CMCI Feedback, Coaching, and Mentoring. This session aimed to provide essential guidance and support to local stakeholders involved in the CMCI program, focusing on enhancing business strategies and fostering sustainable growth in the province.

After the meeting, the team paid a courtesy call to Hon. Mayor Leonardo C. Pattung, further reinforcing their commitment to the partnership and the shared goal of community development. In response, Mayor Pattung expressed strong support for the initiative, emphasizing the importance of skills training for the community’s growth and prosperity. ♦

Date of release: 03 July 2024