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KANNAWIDAN YLOCOS FESTIVAL (January 30 – February 7, 2017)

The Kannawidan Ylocos Festival marks the foundation of Ilocos Sur which separated the province from Ilocos Norte by a Spanish Royal Decree on February 2, 1818. In commemoration of this historical event, the Province has institutionalized its celebration through a weeklong festivity which has now become the prime festival in the province. It aims to preserve the province’ customs and traditions by featuring the best of Ilocos Sur’s culture, traditions, rituals, products, cuisine and of course its people for the next generation to treasure and relive. Kannawidan is an Ilocano term for tradition.

The roster of activities showcases tribal performances, indigenous customs, musical competitions and beauty pageant. The main attraction of the Kannawidan Ylocos Festival is the mounting of the Tawid ken Partuat Trade and Agri Fair. Tawid Ken Partuat, is an Ilocano term which means heritage and crafts. The fair is a showcase of the ingenuity and craftsmanship of the Micro Small and Medium Entrepreneurs (MSMEs) in the province. It offers a wide array of manufactured and agriculture products that are uniquely made in Ilocos Sur. It also provides an opportunity for both potential and established MSMEs to market their products to both the local residents and tourists. Delphic Games like On-the-Spot Craft Demonstration, Most Innovative Product and Most Improved OTOP competitions are also some of the highlights of the Festival.


The Consumer Welfare Month is an annual activity to celebrate the declaration of every October of the month as Consumer Welfare Month. The National Consumer Affairs Council (NCAC) in which DTI is the Secretariat spearheads the national celebration by formulating the annual CWM theme and assigning the agency host each year.

Various activities are mounted to highlight the celebration and create awareness from consumers the importance of the event. These include consumer training and seminars, market saturation drives, standards blitz, quiz bee, poster making contest, consumer trade fair, provincial consumer assembly and others.


The Rimat Ti Amianan (Treasures of the North) aims to promote the “best of the best” products of local entrepreneurs. It strengthens and develops MSMEs as they prepare to enter national and global market opportunities.

The activity targets to sustain developmental and promotional activities. Moreover, to bring key buyers and potential investors under one roof and give them opportunity to be aware of the latest provincial product innovations and trends.

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