SGE fashion accessories
SGE fashion accessories

It is a journey from childhood dream to reality. Childhood dreams never fail to inspire us to fulfill what we always want to be when we grow up. Most of us dream about having our dream job. Some of us want to be a successful businessman someday. As long as one believes, and put all your efforts in it, it will come true.

SGE Variety Store is located at the Façade portion, Royal Duty Free, Subic Bay Freeport Zone. It is currently producing handcrafted fashion accessories (e.g. bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and anklets), bamboo products, and wood products, (e.g. wood frame, wood pencil holder, coconut husk lamp).

Many years ago, Gladys Sharon Estes held a high position at a foreign company. The job required her to wear presentable attire from head to toe. Then an idea struck her – “why not make my own accessories?” From then on, she started making her own fashion accessories. Her interest grew as she envisioned her business to be recognized as a premier Philippines producer of simple elegant handcrafted fashion jewelry, fashion accessories and custom design souvenir items.

Together with her husband, Gerald Estes, she started to sell her handmade accessories at a beach resort near their residence, as people started to check on her products. Her husband also started to make woodcraft products and sell them along with her other accessories. As tourists pass by her stall, she chats with them. Word spread, her collection grew, and she added freshwater pearls, mother pearl shapes, chip stone turquoise, jade and gemstones. She wanted the name of her business as “Head 2 Toe”. However, during her registration of her Business Name Certificate “Head to Toe” is was verified as having been already registered under SEC. She gave numerous names, and fortunately, SGE Variety Store was approved.

She joined the Livelihood Program of Olongapo City - Gawang Gapo - a program to promote the homemade products of the local residents of Olongapo City. This program opened a new door for her business, as the Department of Trade and Industry and the Department of Tourism approached her to assist her on trade fairs. As time went on, many opportunities followed.

Because of the good quality and service given to their customers and the continuous assistance of Department of Trade and Industry and its Negosyo Center, its sales continue to grow. With its starting capital of P 5,000 pesos, they are now earning 20,000 pesos to 30,000 pesos per month, excluding income from trade fair events.

Her business is growing gradually. The responsibility increases too. Like many businesses, there are ups and downs. Yet, she welcomes them with open arms because she knows that she will learn from those experiences.

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