Trade Fairs


KALAKAL CALABARZON: Mga Produktong Natatangi

October 12-18, 2017

Trade Fair (“KALAKAL CALABARZON: Mga Produktong Natatangi”)

Kalakal Calabarzon

“KALAKAL CALABARZON: Mga Produktong Natatangi”, a regional trade fair of DTI IV-A which recognizes its participation and conduct as one of the most effective and efficient means of marketing strategies in promoting its local products and services available in the region. Through the conduct of trade fairs (virtual and physical) and missions (buying and selling), it increases exposure and sale of its products in domestic and foreign markets. Likewise, it provides also an excellent opportunity to assess opinions from clients and determine market potential, conduct research and evaluate competition, develop commercial structures by identifying new agents and distributors, and initiating joint ventures and project partnerships.

In cooperation with its Provincial Offices, it has showcased various products which includes gifts, décor and housewares, fresh produced and processed food, handicrafts, fashion accessories, wearables, footwear, and furniture and furnishings. The region has been aggressive in conducting trade events and selling fairs to strengthen the marketing efforts of the micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in the country-side.


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