The Region is located in the in the adjacent south of Metro Manila. It is among the three regions that comprise a contiguous urban beltway corridor identified as the nucleus of industrialization in the Philippines. It is known as the industrial powerhouse of the Philippines.

CaLaBaRZon has a big supply base of semi-processed industrial raw materials and industrial components coming from its 31 world-class industrial estates and economic zones (ecozones). The region has more potentials for infrastructure development as the location of facilities of the Malampaya gas project in Batangas and Quezon serve as magnets of business development activities. It is also a very appropriate site for petrochemical industries.

Most of the automotive assemblers in the country – Ford, Honda, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Nissan, and Toyota – are located in the Region, and mostly in the province of Laguna. Thus, Laguna is dubbed as the automotive capital or “the Detroit City of the Philippines”.

Moreover, CaLaBaRZon hosts the big names in the electronics and semiconductor thus also called the “Silicon Valley of the Philippines”. Some of the big-name locators are Panasonic, Matsushita, Samsung, TDK-Fujitsu, Toshiba, Mitsui, Philips, Hitachi, Sanyo-Epson, NEC, Music, Temic, Uniden, I-Max, Lite-On, and Clarion.

The Region has a vast pool of human resource base for the manufacturing and services industries and has reliable utilities and well-placed infrastructure enhancing faster turn-around times. It has business-friendly environment, first-class lifestyle, and booming tourism circuits.

CaLaBaRZoN has been the site of the first expansion of industrial growth outside of Metro Manila and hosts the first wave and the most number of Taiwanese business locators than anywhere else in the Philippines. 

Providing a balance is the Region’s natural endowments in natural resources – from land to marine – and vast lands for agribusiness and ecotourism sites.

By 2010, CaLaBaRZon will be the nucleus of manufacturing, e-services, and logistics in the Asia-Pacific Region that would be very significant to and complementary with other global economies.


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