BOI-PEZA approved investments in Q1 2018 amounted to PhP182.83 billion, which is 53.2% higher than the PhP119.31 billion approved investments during the same period last year.  Of the total amount, 83.2% (or PhP152.12 billion) was approved by BOI, while 16.8% (or PhP30.72 billion) was from PEZA.

The biggest share was committed to electricity, gas, steam & airconditioning supply at PhP104.35 billion (or 57.1%).  This is higher by 2,074.5% compared to its level last year.  Real estate activities came in second with PhP27.24 billion (or 14.9%), followed by manufacturing with PhP23.85 billion (or 13.0%), water supply, sewerage, waste management with PhP13.87 billion (or 7.6%), and transportation and storage with PhP7.01 billion (or 3.8%).

Japan was the biggest country source of the BOI-PEZA approved foreign investments, with PhP7.86 billion (or 57.2%), which is 1,185.2% higher than its PhP0.61 billion investment commitment during the same quarter last year. United Kingdom came in next with PhP1.54 billion, followed by the Netherlands with PhP0.88 billion, Singapore with PhP0.56 billion, and USA with PhP0.45 billion.

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