BOI-PEZA approved investments in Jan-Jun 2018 amounted to PhP291.97billion, which is 5.28% lower than the PhP308.24 billion approved investments during the same period last year. Of the total amount, 81.8% (or PhP238.90 billion) was approved by BOI, while 18.2% (or PhP53.07 billion) was from PEZA.

The biggest share was committed to electricity, gas, steam & airconditioning supply at PhP108.23 billion (or 37.1%). This is higher by 95.9% compared to its level last year. Real estate activities came in second with PhP41.27 billion (or 14.1%), followed by the manufacturing sector with PhP39.37 billion (or 13.5%), transportation and storage with PhP37.53 billion (or 12.9%), and construction/PPP projects with PhP32.86 billion (or 11.3%).

Japan was the biggest country source of the BOI-PEZA approved foreign investments, with PhP12.97 billion (or 19.2%), which is 139.5% higher than its PhP5.41 billion investment commitment in Jan-Jun last year. Indonesia came in next with PhP6.44 billion, followed by USA with PhP4.25 billion, Malaysia with PhP3.56 billion, and Singapore with PhP2.15 billion.

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