The country’s employment rate in January 2019 was estimated at 94.8%, compared to the 94.7% employment rate in Jan 2018.  During the same year, the labor force participation rate (LFPR) was estimated at 60.2% of the 72.5 million population of 15 years old and over. 

The largest proportion of workers were employed in the services sector comprising 58.1% of the total number of employed in Jan 2019.  The agriculture sector employed 22.1%, while the industry sector absorbed 19.7%. 

In Jan 2019, the underemployment rate, which is the percentage of the underemployed to the total employed, was estimated at 15.6%, lower than its Jan 2018 level at 18.0%.  The unemployment rate, on the other hand, was estimated at 5.2%, marginally lower than the 5.3% recorded in Jan 2018.

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