The country’s total exports in January-December 2018 amounted to US$67.49 billion, a decline of 1.8% from US$68.71 billion in the same period last year.  USA ranked first among the Philippines’ top export markets, with export receipts amounting to US$10.54 billion.  Other top Philippine export destinations in January-December 2018 were: Hong Kong, US$9.55 billion; Japan, US$9.47 billion; China, US$8.70 billion; and, Singapore, US$4.23 billion.

Electronic products led the country’s top export merchandise in January-December 2018, with receipts valued at US$37.57 billion, an increase of 2.8% from its level in the same period last year at US$36.54 billion.  Other top export products in January-December 2018 were: other manufactured goods, US$4.07 billion; machinery and transport equipment, US$3.45 billion; ignition wiring set and other wiring sets used in vehicles, aircrafts and ships, US$1.69 billion; and metal components, US$1.67 billion.

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