The Philippines' gross international reserves (GIR) started to grow as it increased by US$1.11 billion, from US$76.72 billion in end-July to US$77.83 billion in end-August, which could adequately cover 7.5 months’ worth of imports of goods and payments of services and income.

Net international reserves – the difference between the GIR and total short-term liabilities – also increased to US$77.82 billion as of end-August, compared to the end-July level of US$76.71 billion.

The country’s foreign investments grew by US$950.9 million from US$60.74 billion in end-July to US$61.69 billion in end-August. Likewise, foreign currency reserves expanded from US$6.52 billion in end-July to US$6.84 billion in end-August.
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