Total IPA-approved investments in 2017 amounted to PhP911.29 billion, higher by 32.9% from the PhP686.95 billion approved in the previous year.  Of this total amount, 88.4% (or PhP805.65 billion) came from Filipino investors, and 11.6% (or PhP105.64 billion) from foreign investors.

Japan was the Philippines’ top investing country in 2017, with its investment commitments totaling PhP31.99 billion, accounting for 30.3% of total foreign pledges for the year.  This was followed by Taiwan, PhP10.83 billion (10.3%), Singapore, PhP10.16 billion (9.6%), the Netherlands, PhP9.64 billion (9.1%), and USA, PhP8.74 billion (8.3%).

Foreign investment commitment for manufacturing was the largest at PhP55.01 billion (52.1%).  Real estate activities came in second with PhP22.42 billion (21.2%), followed by administrative and support service activities with PhP13.94 billion (13.2%), electricity, gas steam and air conditioning supply with PhP5.21 billion (4.9%), and information and communication with PhP2.71 billion (2.6%).

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