In January to June 2018, net foreign direct investments grew by 42% to US$5.8 billion from US$4.0 billion in the same period last year. Equity capital investments were infused mainly in manufacturing amounting to US$757.0 million which was 2,370% higher than its 2017 level at US$30.7 million. This was followed by investments in the financial and insurance activities (US$295.3 million); arts, entertainment and recreation (US$186.2 million); real estate activities (US$182.1 million); and electricity, gas, steam and airconditioning supply (US$104.4 million).

Equity capital placements during the period originated primarily from Singapore (US$684.5 million), Hong Kong (US$242.3 million), China (US$168.7 million), Japan (US$125.3 million), and Taiwan (US$75.0 million).

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