Schedule of PTTC training for SME Week 
 July 2017

What's in Store on this Year's Free Seminars on SME Week?

Each year, it has been the tradition of the Philippine Trade Training Center (PTTC) to give training programs to our MSMEs, free of charge, in order to celebrate the SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) Week. And this 2017, we are not failing you once again.

On July 18-19, 2017, different series of free seminars will be offered for our MSMEs to update on the latest trends and requirements in the international standards. A total of 22 seminars are lined up plus a Special Mini-Forum in E-commerce by Ureka will be conducted. Yes, we know that you may have a lot of questions on your mind as to which training will you attend so we hope that by reading this, you will have a glace of what's in store for you.

This year's series of seminars have their own stories wherein you can choose from different tracks to take.

Food Track (Know your Product)

Are you into food business? You may begin by attending the Innovate your Food Products: KNOW THE DESIGN TRENDS. Afterwards, you may choose either to learn more about Food Packaging Trends, Innovations and Development or Food Safety.

If you choose the food packaging trends, you may supplement your learning by attending the Food Labelling Requirements in the Philippines and Food Labelling Requirements of Major Importing Countries. But if you choose to learn about food safety, attending FDA Mandatory Requirement for Licence to Operate (LTO): Food and Food Export Requirements of Major Importing Countries will be a good follow through.

So if you're business is more on food manufacturing, attending the above-mentioned seminars will help you know more about your product and enhance it.

But there's more! If your business is more into handicrafts, you may attend Product Development with Design Trends: Handicrafts.

Global Marketing Track (Know your Market)

A business doesn't end with a product development. It is equally important to know how to penetrate the market, not just domestically but internationally. Thus we are also giving you a series of global marketing seminars.

But before entering the market, it is important to cost your product in a way that will give you profit, thus we have Basic Product Costing for you. In order to catch the attention of more buyers we prepared the Visual Merchandising and Brand Marketing for SMEs seminars. And of course, for those who are planning to penetrate the international market, Export Marketing Plan will be of help.

Today, we live in an era of digital age where almost everything is found online. That is why we also give you the Doing Business in Emarketplaces and Digital Marketing: Transforming the Way We Do Business seminars.

Enterprise Development Track (Know your Enterprise)

Since PTTC wants to cater nor just to our existing MSMEs but to would entrepreneurs as well, we also offer How to Start a Business program which can be complemented by Simple Business Plan Preparation. Because if you are planning to start a business, a good business plan will be a vital part.

Financial Management seminar was also prepared for you in order to help you manage well the finances of your enterprise. And since we know that disaster is a big factor in the continuity of the business that is why there is Disaster Resiliency for SMEs seminar for you.

We should also know the value of quality and productivity in the workplace . You can attend the 5s of Good Housekeeping and Appreciating Quality and Productivity. And because human resources play vital role in the success of business we also have Enhancing People Skills and Effective Management Skills in store for you.

Have you decided on the seminars that you would like to attend? You may visit our website or our Facebook page and follow our event to get updates from time to time. For more information, you may email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 831-9988.

We hope to see you there. Because we believe that, when results matter, training makes a difference.

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