Anchored on the Values of Passion, Integrity, Creativity, Competence, Synergy, and Love of Country, and our Mission as the main economic catalyst in enabling innovative, competitive, job-generating, inclusive business, and empowering consumers. These we do in order to achieve our Vision 2028 of “A higher level of competitiveness for the Philippines and 2nd in ASEAN in FDI by 2028.”


The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) serves as the primary coordinative, promotive, facilitative, and regulatory arm of government for the country’s trade, industry, and investment activities. It acts as catalyst for intensified private sector activity to accelerate and sustain economic growth through a comprehensive industrial growth strategy, a progressive and socially responsible liberalization and deregulation program, and policies designed for the expansion and diversification of both domestic and foreign trade.


DTI Philippines aims to achieve a global position for the country’s export sector, develop micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), and create a harmonized investment facilitation to identify priority investments. This aligns with the Philippine Development Plan (PDP) 2023-2028, based on the Marcos administration’s vision towards Bagong Pilipinas (New Philippines). A country where Filipinos can thrive in a secure and comfortable environment, with equal opportunities to participate in a globally competitive economy.

To achieve these goals by the target year, the Department has established 10 key priorities as part of its strategic agenda:

  1. Upgrade, upskill, and upsize Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises
  2. Promote and support regional development through the utilization of various trade agreements
  3. Reconfigure Philippine export sectors into industry clusters
  4. Improve ease of doing business
  5. Create an enabling environment to attract foreign direct investments and expand exports
  6. Foster industries geared to the domestic markets through technology and innovation
  7. Ensure availability of accessible and affordable food for every Filipino
  8. Enable jobs-skills matching and skills upgrading to transition to a higher level of services
  9. Protect and empower consumers
  10. Transform the Department into an agile organization through faster response mechanisms and digitalization

 These we accomplish through 5 major programs:

  • Export and Investment Development Program
  • Industry Development Program
  • SME Development Program
  • Consumer Protection Program
  • Consumer Education and Advocacy Program

Quality Policy

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