Trade Related Assistance for Development (TRADE)


The PFG, a USAID program, is a partnership program of the Government of the Republic of the Philippines and the United States Government. It aims to address the binding constraints to economic growth and development in the Philippines.

DTI, as part of the Steering Committee, handles three major programs under the Technical Regulatory Quality component of the PFG, one of which is Trade Related Assistance for Development (TRADE).

TRADE (2011-2014) is a PhP 568.8-million project that aims to improve the Philippines’ global standing in the international economy through higher levels of trade and foreign direct investment. It focuses on identifying policy reform to implement binding contracts under the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Economic Community Blueprint, advance the country’s eligibility in Trans-Pacific Partnership, and meet its World Trade Organization obligations. It is also concerned with trade analysis and strategy formulation of proposed adjustment measures and reforms. Further, it aims to address gaps in institutional and administrative capacity of the government and other major stakeholders in undertaking trade-enabling measures.


  • Component 1 – Trade & Investment Policy
    • Support in preparation, production, and publication of National AEC (Asean Economic Community) Game Plan (including Compliance Agenda)
    • Year-round technical assistance to DTI on substantive content for the 2015 APEC meetings (CTI and subcommittees)
    • Assessment of implications of Philippine engagement in AEC and new generation Foreign Trade Agreements (FTAs), including Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)
    • Continuing assessment of implications of Philippine engagement in TPP; assistance in TPP stakeholder mapping & analysis, toward preparation of a TPP Stakeholder Engagement Plan for DTI
  • Component 2 – Trade Facilitation
    • Technical assistance to Export Development Council (EDC), Bureau of Customs (BoC), and legislative staffs on Customs Modernization and Tariff Act (CMTA)
    • Customs Regulated Imports List – first ever database on import clearance requirements of various Trade Regulatory Government Agencies (TRGAs) (forms part of PNTR)
    • Trade Transactions Process Analysis (TTPA) – end to end process chain assessment
    • Enhanced Philippine Tariff Finder – helped BOC-TC coordination to improve functionality
    • National Single Window: Evaluation of and recommendations on processes at the TRGA level
    • Other TF Initiatives: Authorized Economic Operator (AEO), Advanced Ruling, ATA Carnet, De Minimis, Appeal & Review System
  • Component 3 – Competition Environment
    • Provided extensive technical assistance toward passage of Philippine Competition Act (RA 10667)
    • Technical assistance to craft a coherent and effective competition policy framework, to guide the work of Philippine Competition Commission
    • Drafted legislative language on possible amendment of the Public Services Act, based on a legal-economic technical study by acknowledged experts
    • Technical assistance toward formulation of the IRR for the Philippine Competition Act
  • Component 4 – Public Outreach and Advocacy
    • Publication of key knowledge materials: AEC Game Plan, Business Beyond Borders, Competition Primer
    • Technical support for DTI/CAEC learning & advocacy forums (conferences, RTDs, talks, etc.)
    • Speakers’ Bureau training for DTI officials
    • Design of DTI media learning sessions
    • Technical assistance for information and advocacy needs in the wake of Post Clearance Audit (PCA), Customs Modernization and Tariffs Act (CMTA) enactment

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