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Meeting with Palantir Technologies, Inc.
SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA — On 16 November 2023, President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. and Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Secretary Fred Pascual met with executives of software company Palantir Technologies, Inc. at the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Leaders’ Week 2023. The meeting delved into the intelligent reporting solutions provided by Palantir Technologies, a prominent US-based technology firm specializing in AI applications for seamless data integration and analysis.

DTI Secretary Fred Pascual expressed optimism about Palantir's potential and stated, "Palantir is a promising tool for the Philippines as we leverage cutting-edge technology for operational efficiency in our cross-border trade, ease-of-doing business, and trade facilitation."

Palantir demonstrated its proficiency in integrating diverse data points and employing AI/ML models to generate actionable, real-time intelligence applicable to maritime border security and cross-border trade tracking. Drawing on its global experience, Palantir highlighted successful collaborations with the United States government in areas such COVID-19 vaccine distribution. The company emphasized the platform's rapid deployment and collaborative capabilities, underlining its compatibility with existing and envisioned platforms for the Philippines.
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