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Halal Friendly Quezon City Trade Fair
Quezon City, Philippines — Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Secretary Fred Pascual positioned the Halal industry as a key driver of Philippine economic growth and inclusive development at the Halal-Friendly Quezon City Trade Fair, April 24.

The fair is part of the broader “Halal Friendly Philippines” campaign, a nationwide initiative led by the DTI to elevate Halal from a mere label to a recognized standard of production and trade excellence.

This event also marked a step toward establishing Quezon City as a dynamic hub for Halal business and tourism, showcasing a diverse range of Halal products and creating a platform for business matching opportunities for industry players to explore partnerships and enhance trade relations.
With the global Halal market valued at USD 7.3 trillion, Secretary Pascual emphasized the rising domestic and international demand for Halal products and services. In 2023, the robust domestic led to a surge in Philippine Halal imports to USD 120 million.

Moreover, the event acknowledged the challenges faced by the Philippine Halal ecosystem. These include a lack of awareness and education about Halal principles, limitations in infrastructure and industry capacity, hurdles in compliance processes, difficulties with market integration, and an uneven regulatory environment.

In response, the DTI pledged to collaborate with other government bodies to address these challenges through strategic planning and by actively engaging stakeholders. ♦
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