Greening the Industry Roadmap


Supported by GIZ, Greening the Industry Roadmap is an offshoot project of the Promotion of Green Economic Development (ProGED), worth PhP 2.1-million. It aims to integrate Green Economic Development (GED) in the industry sector policies of the Philippines.

It seeks to propel climate-smart, environment-friendly, and globally-competitive industries, particularly in these six manufacturing sectors of the Philippines: Automotive Manufacturers, Auto Parts Industry, Pulp and Paper Industry, Plastic Industry, Housing Industry, and Furniture Industry.

In cooperation with other government entities, DTI is tasked to contribute to setting framework conditions and to building up capacities that support a paradigm shift towards an innovation process that results in competitiveness, good environmental performance, climate change resilience, and job creation.


  • Conducted consultation on the integration of green elements in six (6) priority industry roadmaps: auto, paper, plastics, copper, furniture, and mass housing
  • Conducted Greening Forum in March 2015 to present the findings and recommendations on the greening of the six priority industries
  • Organized a consultative mission of Dr. Bernd Gutterer for the Greening the Industry Roadmaps initiative. Held from 12-16 September 2016, Dr. Gutterer conducted concluding consultation and interviews to assess the usefulness and the effectiveness of the Greening the Industry Roadmap intervention of ProGED and conduct consultation with the DTI Green Growth Core Group to review progress with regard to the recommendations on the development of the green results framework.
  • On 14 September 2016, a consultative meeting with BOI sectoral champions and representatives of the 6 priority sectors (i.e. auto, copper, plastics, mass housing, paper, and furniture) was held to get an update on the current status and working results of greening the industry roadmap, ongoing greening activities of the industry, and discuss future actions that the industry could implement.
  • On 15 September 2016, a meeting with the members of the DTI Green Growth Core Group was held to review the progress on the development of the DTI Green Results Framework (GRF). The meeting also discussed with the Global Green Growth Initiative (GGGI) possible collaboration towards the future development of the GRF.

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