The Management Services Group (MSG), headed by Undersecretary Rowel S. Barba, delivers effective, adequate, and timely services to clients in the shortest possible time and at the least cost. It also provides industry policies and coordinates and monitors the implementation of the operating plans and programs of the agenda provides an overall information and communication support.
The other official of the MSG is Assistant Secretary Ireneo V. Vizmonte.
Under the MSG are the following offices:
Planning and Management Service (PMS)
Coordinates and monitors implementation of DTI operating plans and programs, and assesses performance versus targets set and cost effectiveness.
Financial and Management Service (FMS)
Manages the financial program and a financial monitoring system to ensure fund availability and proper utilization.
Human Resource and Administrative Service (HRAS)
Designs, implements, and institutionalizes the HRD program, which is aimed at transforming DTI into an agency of choice.
Provides logistical services (procurement, transport, cashiering, security, and all other utility services) to facilitate operations of all DTI functional and support groups.
Information Systems Management Service (ISMS)
Designs and implements all information technology (IT) initiatives of the DTI.
Knowledge Management & Information Service (KMIS)
Makes available trade and industry information, as well as converts said information into knowledge products.
Prepares trade and industry-related materials and publications, and serves as the repository of trade and industry data and information through the DTI website and Library, among others.
Legal Service (LS)
Provides legal support to the various DTI bureaus and agencies.
Resource Generation and Management Service (RGMS)
Coordinates and monitors the DTI's special projects.
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