Packaged and branded coffee products of Ola farms

Sagada: Ola Farms

BREWING HOPE FOR THE FUTURE Jennifer Rimando’s love for coffee farming started when she was just 12 years old.  Jennifer’s grandfather, whom everyone called ‘Ola’, would bring her to their small coffee farm. At that tender age, Jennifer was already assisting her grandfather in running a small coffee farm. “Coffee is not something new here. People continue reading : Sagada: Ola Farms

Abra: Carlo’s Bamboocraft Furniture and Furnishing

CORDILLERA ADMINISTRATIVE REGION: ABRA CRAFTING BAMBOO TO GREAT HEIGHTS Carlo Balneg of Carlo’s Bamboocraft Furniture and Furnishing Business Details: Address: Barangay Bumagcat, Tayum, AbraContact Person: Carlo T. BalnegPhone Number: +63 917 815 1348 or +63 928 173 6980

Tabuk: Shaquil Food Products

REAPING THE FRUITS OF LABOR A winemaker in Tabuk City, Kalinga is now enjoying the fruits of their labor—quite literally. Brienda Gup-ad had always wanted to establish her own fruit wine business. She used to spend time observing how her mother would make bugnay wine at home. Eventually, she tried making her own, but an continue reading : Tabuk: Shaquil Food Products

Ifugao: Bongtiwon’s Farm Handtools Manufacturer

CORDILLERA ADMINISTRATIVE REGION: IFUGAO FORGED IN FIRE Roland Bongtiwon of Bongtiwon’s Farm Handtools Manufacturer Business Details: Address: Duit, Kiangan, IfugaoContact Person: Roland B. BongtiwonPhone Number: +63 906 129 5227