Photo: L-R Mr. Joel Tasche, STR Nicanor Bautista, Minister Mary Luck Hicarte and Mr Maximilian Hoffman

PTIC-Berlin’s Special Trade Representative Nicanor S. Bautista and PE-Berlin’s Minister Counselor Mary Luck Hicarte met with Mr. Joel Tasche, founder and CEO of CleanHub GmbH ( on Wednesday, 15 June 2022 to discuss the company’s interest to invest in the creation of a public-private entity that will aim to put up the first ever collection and recycling mechanism for single-use plastics in the Philippines in partnership with an LGU and a local waste management firm.  Soft, single-plastic products to date are not being recycled in the country unlike aluminum, glass bottles, paper and hard plastics. The development of this facility and the supporting public-private partnership are envisioned to fill in the gap in the national waste management program. Mr. Tasche was accompanied during the meeting by Mr. Maximilian Hoffman, secretary-general of Germany’s Foreign Council on Economic Relations.

Date of Release: 17 June 2022